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[Game Tutorials] Masure Mainland

Masure Mainland

① Kriandres, Human territory. Kriandresis the central area west of the Masure Mainland. The atmosphere here is warm, the lands fertile. The Humans have always relied on this region for their agricultural sustenance, and eventually converted Kriandresinto a flourishing kingdom of Man.

② Studor, Elvish territory. Lies hard south of the western Masure Mainland. Studor is blanketed in thick foliage, with endless streams running through them. The Elves cherish Studor's flora and fauna greatly. Their capital city of Sdaq, known as the Brilliant Capital, rests in the center of the dense forests of Studor.

③ Siyink, Undead territory. Siyink is located south of the western Masure Mainland. Once the chaotic battlefield of gods and demons, its sundered earth and decaying magical energies have transformed these lands into a barren dystopia. Siyink was once a haven for the Undead who sought refuge from the Humans and Elves. Since then, they have renewed their respect and identities, and created a new Undead nation in Siyink.

④ Gramsa, previously demon territory. Gramsa sits in the central Masure Mainland. In the aftermath of the Second Demon Wars, many demons were banished and sealed on their island, Karo. Now, only remnants of demonic cities sprawl the Gramsa of present, devoid of any natural life. Lava lakes flow in all directions, scorching the earths of the already-ashen landscape.

⑤ Arsoraig, the "Unknown Beyond". Located far east of the Masure Mainland, and the perennial subject of debate during the historical conflicts of the Mainland. To a vast majority of folks in the Masure, Arsoraig is otherworldly, a land fraught with both wonder and danger. The legends also weave tales of Arsoraig being home to the oldest of the elementals, and perhaps even the offspring of ancient dragons reside in the recesses of Arsoraig. One thing is certain: Even with all the unfathomable perils that Arsoraig poses, it has not hindered adventurers from venturing into the Unknown Beyond, all for a mere glimpse of what mysteries it keeps.

On the outskirts of the Masure Mainland, on the horizon of the large ocean expanse, there rests three huge isles. The Justice Dragon once mediated the conflicts among the Humans, Elves and Demons, creating their own independent territories for them to reside in. Part of the Humans and Elves settled among these islands, and the Demons were banished and sealed on the island of Karo by the gods and ancient dragons.
① Rultera, island to the Humans.
② Boseth, island to the Elves.
③ Karo, island to the Demons.
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