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21 Mar 2009
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PostedJan 01, 2011 9:35 pm

Need help or suggestions from GM's or Tech Support

I have been playing this game for over a year now. I changed from CenturyTel high Speed to Time-Warner Cable in September and now I get disconnected more often. I was never disconnected with CenturyTel, unless I did so on my own to do other stuff on the internet. Now I get disconnected more frequently than ever before. And there is an additional problem (see below):

When it disconnects me from the server, it shuts down my internet box so that I have no signal, to even get online to do any business work or get to my college. I mean it interferes with my cable box completely, so much so that I have to restart my computer in order to reset my cable box, and I have noticed as I have researched this that most times I cannot get to my Windows Task Manager, the couple of times that I was able to get to the Windows Task Manager I see that while the game/server has disconnected me, the game is still showing up and running in the Windows Task Manager, now like I said the few times I did get the Task Manager to come up when I ended the game in the Task Manager that helped, but 99% of the time it tells me there is an error and will not even let me bring up the Task Manager, so that I can see whether the game is still running it or not. I thought when you are disconnected from the server, it suppossed to shut down the game in the Task Manager completely and any ties with that connection should end at that moment?

I have a pretty high end computer, and this is what I have:

Microsoft Windows XP (With Service Pack 3)
AMD Athelon 64 Processor 3800 +
2.41 GzH 512 MB of RAM
Physical Address Extension
NVidia video card

If you have any suggestions for me, let me know. One thing that I am going to do myself is to adjust, if needed, the video grapics for the game.

Thank you;

William T. Poulos (Greekman99)
{Toons: GreekMystique, TankerMan, Sweet_Empathy, Ben Hur and Wm. Wallace}.


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08 Feb 2008
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PostedJan 03, 2011 4:29 pm
If the only thing that changed was your ISP i would suggest you to call them and tell them about the situation, they will probably run some tests to make sure nothing is wrong.

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