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Synther, Smith, and SIer Union (SSSU) [[V1.0]]

To better unite all SSSes
Synthers', Smiths', and SIers' Union

We now have a group on Aeria! Visit here and sign up if you're already a SSSU member!

After you finish with that, be sure to register and introduce yourself on the SSSU forums here!

All SSSes, please check and register here, if you have time. For those who haven't registered here yet (Union and non-Union), please do so, as it is a public guide to SSSes in the server. It would benefit everyone in the server, and also the SSSU. Don't be afraid to include SSSU with your registration if you're a Union member!


Chairpeople of the SSSU -



The Grind and Price of Being a SSS

Having spoken to several Synths about this, and training a Synth myself, I'm getting a rather good perspective on what it IS to be a Synth.

It isn't cheap to make a SSS (Synther, Smith, SIer). To start off, you need the proper gear. Assuming you just went with tarots, and with (at a bare minimum) Kirin Crystals selling at 200k apiece, you're looking at 2.6 million Macca to tarot your entire set of gear in Kirin. Now that's at the lowest price I've seen. Kirin can go for higher, and Omoikane (the other good choice for these classes) can go for around 300k apiece, and can be even harder to come across.

I will remind you, that Kirin and Omoikane tarots are not the best. In fact, most will push for (ideally) Pentacles V for their tarots. Pentacles V can run anywhere from 3-4 million Macca PER TAROT. All in the efforts to boost percentages for those who will want those rates. We don't have to do it. But we do if we can for those who need us.

That's just the Tarots. Soul Stones and actual gear itself can cost millions upon millions more. The grinding for Synthesis and the craft Expertises is slow and dull, and the cost in Incenses of Mastery can get quite ridiculous. Even further, for a SSS to be truly good at their job, they must be high level, and possess a many-times rebirthed Artemis/demon of their choice. I'm talking at least level 90 character for max Synthesis/SI (90 isn't required for maxing crafting, since it can be done earlier. Still the price of leveling is there), and around Sowilo Rank 3-5 demon for a good start. It most certainly is not cheap. You can do the math yourself, but I assure you we're reaching costs of well over 10 million Macca, and at quickest, 2 weeks of nonstop grinding. That's assuming, of course, you're fully stocked with x5 Masteries, and devote a good 6-8 hours a day to the game doing nothing but grinding. And even in that span of time, it might still be impossible to achieve max Synthesis or Crafting.

For those opting for a higher speed Synthesis or Crafting training, sure, textbooks are an option. But I'm sure we're all VERY aware of the price of books, and the book vouchers themselves. Currently, Technology Voucher runs for about 15 million Macca. And that would only be good for Weapon Knowledge. Mineralogy and Occultism textbooks go for at least 500k apiece, and the crafting textbooks are about the same. The prices alone to even attempt maxing these are more than most will ever see in their MegaTen gaming lives.

And all this for a public service to our community.

Most of the time, what we receive in return for all of this are ungrateful people who aren't even 100% aware of the work and cost that goes into making a truly great SSS. Some are even just plain rude, insulting our percentage chances or lack of slots when making a weapon when they're the best they can be. To those of you who aren't this way, I thank you on behalf of every SSS. It really is appreciated.

The goal of this Union is to cut down on the rudeness that we as SSSes deal with from time to time, and further promote courteous interaction between SSSes and those who require our services through the implementation of Union Incident Reports, should they ever be required. Furthermore, we also seek to create a community in which SSSes of all skill levels can turn to each other for support should they need it. We also want to promote the growth of our not as skilled SSSes, in the hopes that one day they too can be great.

Things that Union SSSes (and anyone, really, since it's common courtesy) can expect include the following -

-Courteous, non-insulting synthees/clients
-Friendly synthees/clients
-Tips are not expected, but as always, are greatly appreciated and encouraged. Sometimes, they're what keep us going!

To those that wish to be a part of this Union, please sign in this thread, listing your In-Game Name of your SSS, as well as the class of your synther/class of your smith/success rate of your SIer.

As this is a work in progress, please also feel free to list any suggestions you have. This Union is in its early stages, so feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Synther Union Members (Forums Name - IGN)

--UnluckyOrpheus - Rawksas (Class 3.0)
--oSniperWolfo - XxSniperWolfxX (Class 6.2)
--darcwizrd - kaimera
--AyumiNemoto - SeraPanthura
--ayabrea3634 - JenelleLeggot, YukiMayumari
--yudhiz3 - Jean`Grey
--lon3wolf999 - HeartLily (Class 6.0)
--honoreixix - Archer`ko
--vhunter77 - Shigio
--sesshou76 - Sesumi
--Buffsnok - Snok
--Sechzehnt - Bloomsday
--Alisterh - AlisterT
--Eri.Donnal - Provenance (Class 5.5)
--NightTime3 - Chemi`
--orionskies - Lavender`
--nmrfxxr - Inamura
--broslow - NekoLulz
--TehHowler - Roron
--ryu_the_vampire - yukui (Class 1.1)
--xWolfox - xLupusx (Class 4.9)
--kernnunnos - suzaku` (Class 3.7)
--aurranna - Aurranna (Class 6.0)
--Davis34 - DavisSynth (Class 3.1)
--clioez - clioe (Class 1)
--DarkyChan - Daruki (Class 1.5)
--lingxiaoyu2 - Brittanya (Class 4.9)
--celestial_ice - Rieka (Class 5.3)
--Libero016 - PlavaLaguna (Class 6.0)
--X.Crow.X - XXXDesertEagleXX (Class 1.5)
--ChaosLink999 - Synther`Link (Class 6.0)
--IrvineCloud - Shusu` (Class 6.2)
--dasarkampret - Salve (Class 6.1)
--slavesky - DragonSynth (Class 6.2)
--HellAngelXVI - Alexandrya (Class 2.8)
--APStudent - BubbleSynth
--Decique - acp315 (Class 1.8)
--Akihiko_Hikara - Maaiyu (Class 5.4)
--okaydel - Koi` (Class 6.2)
--Veltar_Blood - Traxtin
--Nehari - Nehari (Class 2.5)
--Viraxe - Viraxe (Class 6.2)
--Phosfate - Eau (Class 2.0)
--abysalnightmare - GreenSynther (Class 2.1)
--H3YD3R - H3YD3R (Class 5.2)

Gunsmith Union Members (Forums Name - IGN)

--sesshou76 - Seshiiru
--ayabrea3634 - KessaNandell
--AndrewLT - Puckle (Class 7)
--meshikuuna - Sergio`Leone (Class 7.5)
--AlvinMaker - AlvinMaker (Class 3.5)
--IrvineCloud - Saskee (Class 5.0)
--APStudent - BubbleGunSmith (Class 7.5)
--evaldaszslt - Illuminata (Class 7.5)
--Shadow_Bowser - Lylinette (Class 5.0)
--Phosfate - FallenAvatar (Class 3.5)
--charly01 - DarkRelic (Class 7.5)

Swordsmith Union Members (Forums Name - IGN)

--ayabrea3634 - YukiMayumari
--bigfatbus - Raikov
--AndrewLT - Puckle (Class 3)
--grayfull567 - Fullbuster (Class 1.6)
--Bunshishi_609 - Natsu8 (Class 7.5)
--Davis34 - DavisSmith (Class 7.5)
--Daxunyrr - TenariYamasi (Class 1.2)
--evdreams - CrafterDen (Class 1.3)
--Womens.labor - MissOrder (Class 2.1)
--IrvineCloud - Saskee (Class 7.0)
--APStudent - BubbleSwordSmith (7.5)
--Hagglaga - RavenShade (Class 7.5)
--Phosfate - FallenAvatar (Class 2.5)

Spiritual Infuser Union Members (Forums Name - IGN)

--sesshou76 - Seshiiru
--ayabrea3634 - CiaraDaly
--bigfatbus - Raikov (100%)
--memorized - RaspberryJam (100%)
--AndrewLT - Puckle (100%)
--Davis34 - DavisSmith (100%)
--IrvineCloud - Saskee (100% AP / 94% Non-AP)
--slavesky - Lilitad (100% AP / 94% Non-AP)
--APStudent - BubbleSwordSmith
--Rahze - Teshuvah (100% AP, 94% Non-AP)
--Hagglaga - RavenShade (100%)
--evaldaszslt - Illuminata (100%)
--Windrei - Windru (Up-and-coming, would like assistance)
--Phosfate - FallenAvatar (53.62%)

What is Expected of the SSSes of SSSU

-Courteous behavior towards your synthees/clients, just as we ask of them
-Be a positive example of the Union, and don't do anything that would bring shame or negative views on it. To do so would be counteractive to its existence.

Three-Strike System

Since a Blacklist is frowned upon (and is potentially humilating for anyone put on it), it's been suggested we implement a 3-strike system that all Union SSSes apply. After the 3 strikes, the synther or crafter/SI is free to deny service to the offender, and may further pass along the name of that person to other Union SSSes via an Incident Report sent to a chairperson of the Union. The 3 strikes will go as followed--

1. Inform the offender of the 3-strike system, and that they've violated the 1st. Encourage them to chill, be a bit nicer, etc., whatever the problem is.
2. If the offender continues, inform them that that's "strike 2." Remind them that if they reach strike 3, service will be denied, and that their name could be passed along to other Union members for future possible denial of service.
3. Service is denied if the SSS so desires, and if the Union synther wants, the name of the offender is passed along to a SSSU chairperson in the form of an Incident Report (More on this further down). It is up to other Union synthers' discretion whether to deny the offender service in the future if the chairperson forwards this Incident Report to other Union members, but now they can feel free to with good reason.

As the consequences for violating the 3rd strike have the potential to be pretty harsh, it's SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT that Union synthers do not abuse this. It's the honor system with it, as this system empowers SSSes greatly. Union SSSes that have been found to have abused this system (with proof, of course) will be removed from the Union. Only deny service if they've truly merited that 3rd strike. Until then, try your best to remain friendly with the synthee/client, as that is what is expected of us. Even after the offender has passed strike 3, do your best to remain friendly. This isn't personal.

End notes on the 3-Strike System (What to take away from this)

Please remember, everyone. This is NOT a Blacklist. Far from it. This is merely something that is to be taken as a caution, or word of warning from one SSS to another. In the end, it is up to each individual SSS whether they wish to continue to provide service to the offenders of the 3-strike system. We do not encourage a Union-wide blacklist of individual players. The goal is not to alienate players. The goal is instead to encourage people to NOT have their name passed around, thus inviting the possibility of future denial of service. It serves merely as a deterrent to poor behavior.

How to pass along names of those that have violated the 3rd strike

If a member feels someone has violated the 3rd strike, what they should do then is take screenshots of the occurrence, and send an Incident Report to any of the chairpeople of the SSSU. From there, the chairperson will judge whether the offender really does merit to have their name passed along to all SSSU members. If it is judged so, the chairperson will send out an Incident Report to all members of the SSSU, informing them of the occurrence. As stated before, it ultimately comes down to each SSS whether they want to deny this player future service or not.

Not an SSSU member, but have a complaint about an SSSU member?

We take this seriously as well. Just as an SSSU member can send an Incident Report and make a claim to the chairpeople of the SSSU, non-SSSU members can do the same about SSSU members. Just as SSSU asks those who use its services to be friendly, we expect all SSSU members to be the same. Any who go against this risk losing SSSU membership.

If you have a complaint to make about an SSSU member, make sure you take screenies of the occurrence, and send an Incident Report to any chairperson of the SSSU. We want to make sure that SSSU continues to have a positive image. To do that, we need positive members.

Ideas Being Tossed Around

-Need more incentives for joining SSSU as opposed to players remaining Union-less.
-Ideas on anything else are always gratefully accepted.


I hope that if this grows big enough, one day our Shouts in Babel (or wherever you practice your trade) can have included in them "Union Synther/Crafter/SIer," so that people know what to expect from us: Friendly service, and friendliness requested in return.

For those that have joined this Union, please remember to be as respectful to your synthees/clients as we expect them to be to us, and don't be afraid to begin putting "Union Synther/Crafter/SIer" in your shouts. The fastest way to spread this and what we're all about is by word of mouth and in-game activity!


A final word --

For those interested in including having a siggy with a link to this thread in it displayed stylishly, below are a few choices! On top is what it will look like, and below it is the code you need to copy and paste into your signature space in your profile editor. These sigs and codes provided are courtesy of our very own honoreixix. If you like em, be sure to inform him. :

Synther -


Swordsmith -


Gunsmith -



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PostedDec 18, 2010 9:31 am
i agree with the concerns brought up in this thread.
as a 6.2 synther myself i've had my share of insults for no reason either,
someone had told me one day

"here's a tip for you"

i wasn't even asking them for a tip :/ as my shout clearly said free synther.

then they said: "GET A REAL JOB"

then they waited a little and said "no really i have a tip for you", then just left party.

mind you i synthed 100% for him.

People are uneccesarily rude, especially to the lower level synthers.
i've had a lot of them tell me people have joined their parties, saw the percent and then complained to them that they were weak, or just left all together without saying anything.

everyone starts out somewhere, we were all new once, noone came into this game as a pro with top gear. the sad thing is, this is discouraging if you are new at synthing. no one would want to be complained to.

i'm not saying that we have a server full of bad people, or that we'll ever have a game filled with good people either. we are a mixture of good and bad, but lets try to be courteous to one another Razz

if someone does a service for you, the best thing you could say to a synther is "thank you" i can't speak for others but i know i appreciate it, most synthers are just here to help the community. afterall, you don't know how long someone had to stand there shouting.

now that the courtesy bit is over, onward to prices and why synthing is expensive to maintain.


when making a synther build a person can decide whether they want to go for all pro tarots such as full V pentacles/ IV pentacles/ kirin/ omoikane.
this is up to the person on what they want to spend for their character, but most people will try to aim for the best (which means full V pentacles)

- full V pentacles - 3-4 m per piece (13) tarots total

-if you are a law synther (which most of us are for the +5 luck boost to party)
raphael crystal - 2 m

- grinding/masteries- mastery price fluxuates 150k-200k from what i see lately.
most synthers do not like training mineralogy, its difficult to raise unless you've grinded mineralogy first before all the other requirements of synthing. most synthers make the mistake though, of having mineralogy as one of the last things left to level.

- getting to lvl 90-95. some people start off as enhancer to help raise their level, keeping the point in int, then later lethe bottling it to being a pure synth.
cost of lethe bottles can be expensive for some. if you decide to stay pure synth from the beginning then you are basically sponsor for life, this is expensive.

- rebirthing your demon, most synthers will use an artemis. this is another expensive process, demons are important to raise soul stone and tarot percentages.

- RE items, sometimes you need to purchase an additional cross regenerator in order to make some RE items for your class, so this is added to cost. unless you managed to find cheap RE headband/shoes, gloves etc. top gear usually has RE: back, face, shoe. some people decide to do shirt too.

- nandi paddle/ frost paddle (10 int/10 luck) this paddle is not seen often these days, some synthers use the broom/ cal maria/ golden gun etc. although golden gun is also expensive because it is emperor tarot + rheingold + cal maria. along with this nandi paddle synther will most likely want to SI it with futsu no mitama a +5 luck bonus to party members. process to make this is similar to marasamune. so this is more money put onto a synther.

-betryayed symbol set, some synthers use this, it's Si'd to gear. usually runs you 5-4m per piece

- demon vision II avatar, craft shirt, smart shirt, nocturne, RE maid/nemissa, etc these are all used for SI, some cheaper than others.

- false comp, these are 2-3m these days?

-santa skirt, artemis earring, mental accelerator. these are examples of other gears we use to SI

if some of my pricing is wrong, i apologize lol. i'm an old school synth -_- i used to grind on 3x, until 5x and the books came out life was a lot easier Razz

and you might say, some synthers aren't subjected to follow these gears exactly. you could make a moderately priced synther, but in truth other synthers are competing with eachother. most people will want to go to whoever has higher percent (provided there is more than 1 synther on at a time), some people are perfectionists, others not. i'm listing basic items as well as pro gear.

wow this is a long post, i hope i didnt bore anyone with reading this. i've met a lot of great people while synthing. so to those of you who have helped support synthing; whether it is by saying a simple thank you to tipping, you are appreciated ^^

lets work together to help new synthers out so they can prosper and help our megaten by not going broke halfway or getting discouraged.

FOXHOUND Clan: XxSniperWolfxX, DrNaomiHunter <br> CL 6.4 Free Synther by shibuya corner ^^ Send a tell <br> SSSU Member & Chairperson <br>


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PostedDec 18, 2010 9:46 am

i may not be the best synther yet but i hope this union can help me achieve that goal


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06 Dec 2008
PostedDec 18, 2010 10:18 am

Re: Synther's Union (V0.1, WIP)

A Simple Proposal
UnluckyOrpheus wrote:
Currently, Combat Book Voucher runs for about 4 million Macca. And that would only be good for Weapon Knowledge, which supplies only 10% of the Synthesis Chain Expertise.

Just correcting - Weapon Knowledge is from Book Voucher (Technology) which runs an average of 15mil. Maybe higher because SIer's need this for Blades, Craft, WK and GK (and melees and gunners too).

Synthing is totally expensive and time consuming and I completely agree with what you both say above. :3

I don't like it when people ask synthers to help them out with synthing then a few minutes later they say "nvm, I found someone else" or they afk while you help them. I just feel like why bother asking in the first place or make me go out of my way to help you if your only going to find someone else to do it. I find it rude and disrespectful but that might be just me. @-@

and D: I'm sorry to hear about those incidents sniper. *hugs*

I noticed rudeness towards new synthers too. But at the same time I can also say that higher level synthers are also rude too. I ain't going to lie, I'm dedicated to synthing; trying to aim as high as I can and hoping to help others to achieve good synthing outcomes but to see a high synther saying things like "all these new synthers are textbook grinder. They're not real synthers." is unnecessary (kinda grosses me out). Having to have two synthers before and after Books & 5x Mastery were introduce, everyone should know how hard it is to grind the expertise. A little help to prevent RSI or Carpel Tunnel is a GOOD thing.

/Signs I hope this goes through :3

Birdieeee Ownnneeerrrr and sniippppeeerrrr Very Happy *waves*

/ninja edits. I fail at Engrish D:

- SSSU Supporter - Sub of Clan Extazy - Seta Noms you -


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20 Dec 2008
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PostedDec 18, 2010 10:25 am

Re: Synther's Union (V0.1, WIP)

A Simple Proposal
AyumiNemoto wrote:

I don't like it when people ask synthers to help them out with synthing then a few minutes later they say "nvm, I found someone else" or they afk while you help them. I just feel like why bother asking in the first place or make me go out of my way to help you if your only going to find someone else to do it. I find it rude and disrespectful but that might be just me. @-@  

Thanks for bringing this up. I'll lay out some rules for synthers in this Union to follow later today. We certainly want to maintain that while we expect our Synthees to be courteous, we want our own Union synthers to be courteous in return.


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02 Jan 2008
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PostedDec 18, 2010 10:32 am
A good suggestion coming up in SB:

Make a 3 strike system, so that any repeat unreasonable actions from a player against any of the union members would mean a ban from all.

Sesshou - lvl 96 Rapid Gunnah :3 <br> Sesumi - c6.4 Synther<br> Seshiiru - 100% SI'er<br> <br> -Copy of SMT Imagine wiki-<br>


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20 Dec 2008
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PostedDec 18, 2010 10:34 am
sesshou76 wrote:
A good suggestion coming up in SB:

Make a 3 strike system, so that any repeat unreasonable actions from a player against any of the union members would mean a ban from all.  

Will definitely update the opening post with a space for a Union-wide Blacklist, as well as provide guidelines for how to apply the 3 strikes. Thanks, Sess!


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04 Jan 2009
Burlington Canada
PostedDec 18, 2010 10:34 am
Lots of valid points brought up in this topic about synthers and how some people are with them, now i've always found that females have better gear than the male synthers (its back and forth sometimes between gears) do and sometimes people at least i've expericed perfer female synthers to male XD but maybe thats just people i've come across lol

I'm also a chaos synther and probably the only synther who uses Parvati to Artemis, i know art is better but i had already put alot of work into my parv and i didnt bother to get an art Razz

i still perfer to do my service for free and people can or dont have to tip, i've been given macca to mag to gems for my service, as long as they are polite i'm cool with it.

also being only a lvl 90 synther i'm only 5-5 cause i've been trying to get to 93 but in vain so far XD

i do approve of this but for now i'll stay out and see how it goes before i make my say if i join or not ^^ GL with it


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17 Apr 2009
Grassland Poland
PostedDec 18, 2010 10:42 am
UnluckyOrpheus wrote:
sesshou76 wrote:
A good suggestion coming up in SB:

Make a 3 strike system, so that any repeat unreasonable actions from a player against any of the union members would mean a ban from all.  

Will definitely update the opening post with a space for a Union-wide Blacklist, as well as provide guidelines for how to apply the 3 strikes. Thanks, Sess!  

i am not sure if you are going to be allowed to post any type of blacklist on aeria forums, we had players wanting to do a scammers blacklist before, all of them were warned and the posts were closed
so for the good of the union i suggest to not post a blacklist in the AGE forums Razz


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02 Feb 2008
Wichita Falls United States
PostedDec 18, 2010 10:49 am
Well, since the blacklist would only apply for synthers, they could always place it somewhere else where synthers could modify it accordingly.

IGN: Ourania, Yowane`Haku
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