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20 Sep 2010
Lund Sweden
PostedNov 15, 2010 6:47 pm

Big Wedding!

Droy and Me (MultiSlayer) wanna get married, WE NEED YOUR HELP! (GS)Girly #Stacy# plz...
I did name my account to MasterJoakim because Joakim is my fathers name -.-" dont ask...


I dont know how to set up a big wedding on Wolfteam, so i ask you (GS)Girly if you can help me fix this beutiful wedding.
i just wanna have a wedding with Droy, and that everyone see it... "or read it"

Please! im begging you, if you wanna find me add me on wolteam Aeriagames :
**( MultiSlayer )**

I like you Stacy! you are really a pro friend!!

From: MultiSlayer (Jesica) = GIRL!!!
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