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11 Nov 2010
PostedNov 11, 2010 1:50 pm

Randall "Hero" Ruffle

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*These are NOT real people.*

Chapter 1-Lycanthropy

Randall picked the Fanas from his friends body, "Again, it happened again. We really need some good **** weapons if we are going to win this."

Randall Ruffle was currently fighting in a war against the wolves. He was 22 at the time and he was probably the best on the force. He had a **** DE-50 being that he got his EM-4 blown out of his hand during battle earlier.

The wolf approached him, he'd just lost his partner, Kenard Floyd, and he was on the verge of blacking out, but he was sitting on the side of the bloodstained road, just resting up against a building. The wolf looked around and howled a bone shattering howl. Randall quickly pulled out a new magazine, knowing his was not enough to kill the mutated wolf.

He fired about half of his clip into the wolf and it dropped. He got a call from his radio
"Ruffle what the Hard are you doing out there?! Return to base straightaway!" He picked up Kenard's limp body and carried it back to base looking behind with every step.

Chapter 2-The Signing

He raced out of bed at the sound of the turrets blazing in the training ground. "Yes, signing day" he said softly to himself. Signing day is the day he will be assigned to a professional force.

He raced to the Main Building, saying hello to the guards and them nodding in response.
He went to the desk and asked for his placement.

"Good Morning" she said with a grim smile. He replied with a good morning and she moved along, typing his name and opening the file. She turned on the printer and printed all the information. "Selver Squad, yes!" Selver Sqaud was the most victorious so far. He raced to the training ground and started training.

"Ruffle, whatcha get?" his former friend Lance Smaxton asked. "Selver, you?"
"Same." Oh jeez He thought, " What Hard thats gonna be."

Chapter 3-The Attack

Randall opened the supply case to find more ammo and modifications. He grabbed the best supressor, scope, and larger magazine. He walked to the training ground to see it off and the soldiers cowering in the corner. "What the Hard is going on?" he asked them, they pointed behind him. A humongous wolf the size of a skyscraper was finishing eating the Training Grounds Director. "Ahh,****" he muttered to himself.

"Berserker" he heard Lance whisper. He ran to the nearest supply closet to find a turret and a RPG. He grabbed them both, pulling on the turret as the slung the RPG over his back.

"Ruffle, I'm saying good bye now, because I know that **** isn't enough to save your sorry ***." Lance said. "**** off" he replied.

Randall deployed the turret and grabbed the RPG, looking through the scope. Aiming down the Berserker's eyes he fired. Surprisingly the wolf went down, but he wasn't dead. He shot one more time, this time the chest area, and the wolf was dead.

He gave the soldiers a heads up and they came out of hiding. "Bâtard chanceux!" he heard Lance whisper. He ignored the insult and dragged everything back to the supply closet.

"Lance, vous pouvez venir dehors maintenant vous des wuss" he acknowledged Lance.

Chapter 4-The End of Randall

Randall rolled out of the way of the wolf, it's claw just missing his throat. He picked up his Fanas, and shot but missed, the wolf hit his throat, and he perished. "Again, it happened again. We really need some good **** weapons if we are going to win this." said William Floyd. He carried Randall's body back to base, and sat down to rest, behind a building.


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09 Dec 2009
PostedNov 13, 2010 1:57 pm
It's quite short, I'm not sure you are going to make some more yet. But the idea is kinda good. But it would be nice if you had more "known" players playing. I mean: Round Characters (If I'm right). You could choose to use people who wants to be in. Or not, your call. But you really need to make us get to know your characters more. And more information about what's going on, and so on..



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11 Nov 2010
PostedNov 18, 2010 4:27 pm
I'll look into it Smile Ty
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