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27 Jan 2008
Ajax Canada
PostedJun 06, 2011 7:47 pm

Major Lag

While playing, I keep having periods in which I can move around, but everything else doesn't move on my screen, yet I can still talk on the chat. This happened twice when I was doing a dungeon, I could buff my party members and heal beforehand, but once they started combat with the boss I would freeze up and they'd die. When I stopped freezing the first time, I tried to heal them when they came back in, but it just resulted in more freezing.

The second time this happened I didn't come off the freezing at all, and every time it happens it lasts more than 5 minutes. The last time this happened I wasn't doing a dungeon, but trying to open a chest in a camp. Coming off the freeze of course, resulted in me dying, and it happened right as my party member asked me to heal him.

This is really frustrating, and my computer says it's not my internet. Does the game just really hate me being a cleric in parties or something?
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