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05 Mar 2010
PostedJun 05, 2011 1:46 pm

Locked myself out of a scenario quest? Help, please!

Can't finish a storyline quest...
Not sure if this is a bug or not, but starting a new character today, I was doing the starter quests on Limestone. The one in question is with Athena Marie. Here is the screenshot in question:

I have the crystal and the the mucous but I can't turn them in to finish the quest. To be fair, I was cleaning my inventory earlier on and accidentally perma-deleted my crystal, so I ended up having to run back to the caves to defeat Jahan for a new Sapphire Shard. Tried discarding the mucous and recollecting, still no go. I can't turn in this storyline quest, so I can't keep progressing. Does anyone know if there's something I'm missing/doing wrong here, or this is really a bug that needs fixing?

Thanks in advance!
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