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How to Take & Post a Screenshot.

A how to guide
Many times we will ask you to provide screen shots. Maybe for an event or report - sometimes they are good just to have for memories.~  

Do you know how to post a screen shot? Follow the steps on this guide and you will be posting screen shots in no time.

While in-game, press the Print Screen key.



    You've taken the Screen Shot and Need to Find It? Here's what to do:
  • Click Start
  • Click My Computer
  • Click Aeria Games
  • Click Eden Eternal
  • Click ScreenCapture


Want to get that Image on the Internet?
You will need to go to an Image Hosting Site. Follow their directions to upload your selected image.

Image Hosting Sites
Tiny Pic

Posting an image on a forum:

To post your image on a thread you will need Direct Image Link that you got after uploading your image. Copy that link and Paste it into IMG BB Code.

[img]Insert Your Link Here[/img]

Preview your thread to see if it is the way you want it. Submit your post. <3  

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