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May GS Applicant Feedback Thread

Feedback thread for May
As GameSages are a public volunteer position, it's perfectly acceptable for the community to leave their feedback on the applicants. This feedback from the community is a valuable asset to the GM team!

There are some ground rules, however:

  • All feedback must be constructive. If you're going to flame someone, expect it to be removed.
  • No flames, no lulz pictures, and no "I VOTE FOR XYZ" without some real feedback.
  • If you're an applicant and someone wrote something CONSTRUCTIVE but critical about you, like, "He tends to gang up on the smaller leagues a lot..." or, "He doesn't really write legibly", this is valid feedback and you are NOT allowed to argue about it. The GM team can tell the difference between a personal attack and valid points of feedback.
  • This is a thread on feedback for APPLICANTS only. If you have feedback on our current GS team, you may Contact Us.
  • If you don't feel comfortable posting your opinion on the forums, that's okay. You can send it to us via Contact Us.

Thank you for your attention to these rules, we look forward to your feedback!


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PostedMay 10, 2011 2:56 pm
Good luck to those who deserver it!
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