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05 Aug 2010
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PostedMay 01, 2011 3:45 pm

How about a Redo?

Ok Aeria- this is your chance to shine.

We know that you guys aren't entirely responsible for this debacle. This is not a whiny petition, but a simple request that you guys do the right thing.

The release of Lord of Ages was fumbled from the start- the developers were way too worried about getting a product out there before it was properly tested, and Aeria licenced it probably without doing some simple homework to see the way the gameplay was, and the glitches it had in an attempt to keep the active Caesary players(and many of the payers) On this site. I can understand and empathise.

Now, what we got was a debacle, everything from the contests to the items not doing as they intended(Fast Track III, etc etc) and the fact you could not bother to have enough GameSages or product managers around all added to confusion. The contests especially was a fight of utter frustration. One in which many, many people feel sleighted and worse.

So this is what I propose- How about you do a Reboot? Offer a 100% refund of AP purchased(It will stay AP and in your system, you are not losing anything) You send emails out and say "Hey, we understand that this was not the best situated, but we love you and we want to do right"

Take a few weeks, or a month and simply get the Developers to make some common sense changes- or at least get them to figure out eactly what they want to offer as prizes so as not to JACK US ALL, and then- with a lot of fanfare, you re-open a new server.

What suggestions do you think they should add? I am glad you asked...

1. when you select a kingdom, how about you are put into that area? The way it is set up there is so much of a concentration of players in one area it causes a starvation efect for wilds. By spreading things out it would make it easier early on for everyone to have a fair chance at getting wildernesses and growing- allowing for a better maturation process of the server.

2. I understand how the Hero process is designed to get people to spend money, but you have to agree that $100 dollars just to have an extra couple of heroes is asinine. At the very least see if they could add 1 more spot, or at the very least consider a lower price approach. people will pay if they consider it reasonable.

I have other suggestions, but you know and I know they will enver see the light of day.

So once again, this is a plea Aeria- I doubt you care too much but we are actually customers of yours. We love playing games on this site- but we all have a threshold of tolerance when it comes to being jerked around. what you guys did was catastrophically foolish and short sighted- I hope you remedy this by saying "ooops, lets try this again"


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16 Mar 2011
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PostedMay 10, 2011 4:24 am
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