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06 Apr 2010
PostedApr 27, 2011 12:03 am
Darkwitch35 wrote:
ropalx wrote:
rinsha wrote:
u forgot engineers and warlocks get self heal skills

hehe i just wanna know if healing someone who is in combat will put u in combat too or not  

I was told only if you attacked or where attacked.

Depending on how long matches last, starting as a bard, buffing your entire party and then changing to cleric, actually sounds plausible...  

--> If you see someone fighting, and as a cleric, you start healing him you are considered part of the fight, and can aggro too ^^

** I've never tried to take up the treasure to see if you are able, as i find it inappropriate, since it wasn't your fight in the first place.. **

But now on TW (much later in Aeria ^^) in order to pick-up/give back quests from NPCs, or just plain try to sell your stuff, there is this annoying Blue crytal, in which Elite mobs will attack it, and if they 'posses' it, will turn red, diabling all important NPC, even Teleportals..

So you might combine your effort to clear the mobs, and get back to normal (Is's annoying solo; when you are in group, it's no big deal, and a nice added feature, althought i hate the graphic lag in towns sometimes..)

IMPORTANT! Once you have put on the 'magickal cloak' of the class you want i.e. Bard, you cannot switch (hence false advertising ^^) class while in a fight.  

Wait, something like a NPC city raid? Like, every once in a while a horde of npc's will try to attack say, the center of the town (blue crystal... i guess) and the players have to defend it? Otherwise, i have no idea what you are trying to say Confused

On that same note, how exactly did this come up on a dual classing thread?
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