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[Info] Useful Guides and Links Index!

~ Important stuff ~

Hello DDTank Community!

Lost, confused and adrift amongst the great number of things there are to do in DDTank? Or are you simply curious about some aspects about the game that you haven't had time to test for yourself? This is the guide for you! Jam packed with all the information you could ever need about DDTank, this is the most complete guide we have to offer!

Have fun!

Aeria Games is not responsible for any player-made guides linked to in this index.
Use them at your own leisure, and note that Aeria Games is not responsible for
any misinformation on player-made posts.

General Aeria Rules & Links
- Terms of Service
- Terms of Service EXPLAINED
- End Software User Agreement
- Contact Us (considered sending a 'ticket')
- Ban Appeal
- Recover a Lost Account RT
- My Tickets (Where you can view replies to RT's)
- Rules & Volunteers
- Inappropriate Language / Filter-Dodging
- How can I become a GameSage?
- Billing FAQ
- Billing RT

- General Safety Guidelines
- How to use Aeria's RT system / Contact Us form
- Helpful tips on how to avoid getting scammed!

- How to take and upload a Screenshot
- How to Update your Video Drivers
- Banned Account(s) FAQ
- Basic Browser Fix - IMPORTANT! Helps with connection issues

DDTank Specific Helpful Links
- DDTank Suggestion Thread
- [Important] DDTank In-Game Conduct & Rules
- [Maintenance] Weekly on Wednesdays
- [Official] DDTank Fan Art Thread
- [Official] Chat Etiquette for DDTank Chat
- [Guide] Purchasing Coins
- [Info] FAQ
- [Info] Main Interface Options
- [Guide] New Players Guide
- [Guide] The Basics
- [Guide] Whisper
- [Guide] Tasks
- [Guide] Buildings
- [Guide] Armory
- [Guide] Boatyard Instances
- [Guide] Pet
- [Guide] Pearls
- [Guide] Advanced Tactics
- [Guide] Death Proof
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