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The Journey

Chapter 1. Aelbeageu
The fallowing story I have worked on for the past few days, even making a brand new character so I could get all my facts straight, all the NPC names, and a generalized time-and-place that you get certain skills and how much money you would have without having AP items, ectect.
Based on my time as RenaiNoumi, and finding all the friends in Gaia that I have today.

The Journey
Chapter One

Living inside the walls of the great village of Aelbeageu was all she knew. Only venturing out with guards nearby to pick berries or play in the fields. Staying away from the Monkeys and Foxes, as well as the occasional Antelope, she lived in peace. On her 18th birthday she would be considered an adult, and be allowed to leave her home and travel wherever she pleased.

Renai Noumi had trained for years, seeing she had a knack for magic she trained in the elements. Molding pure energy into the form of ‘Arrows’ she could fire at will. Often she would assist the guards in thinning the wild population. Hunting the feral fixes that lived in the hills was a challenge, so only on occasion she fought those, mastering her art.

As her birthday neared, she did more jobs around the village, gaining more responsibilities and as the elders called it ‘Life Experience’. One time, while out helping the guards, she was tasked with disposing of a rowdy bunch of foxes.

“Crap!” Renai groaned as the fox bit down onto her arm, she sent a silent prayer to the goddess that that would be the extent of her injuries. But the assault continued. She felt her life draining away and just as she nearly felt it slip away entirely, the beast shuddered and fell.

Panting, Renai limped to the safety of a higher hill and sat, tending to her wounds and letting her mind calm down before standing.

“Hey Sentry Leader.” She called out, walking to him once she was better “I’m finished here, killed five just like you asked.”

“Good job Renai, I think Gion Usrite has a job for you.” The leader answered, smiling at her and tossing her a bag of coins “Get yourself some new armor when you get back to town.”

“Yeah yeah.” Ren rolled her eyes, walking past the gate and standing in the nice cool water that fed many of the surrounding trees. Sighing at the coolness around her aching feet.
Soon after she turned right and started up the ramp, waving to the local merchants before stopping at the armor smith.

“Hey Renai, here for a repair?” The woman asked smiling and tilting her head coyly, a slightly impatient look on her face.

“Hi Sonya, I was hoping to upgrade, I need some new robes.” Renai responded smiling, taking out her coin purse and counting how many gold coins she had.

“Well I’ve got something perfect for you.” Sonya said, setting down the rut sack she carried all her wares in. “This’ll be much more protection than your everyday clothes.” She spoke, showing the cotton armor, sure to keep her safe “The whole set is 6,000 gold.”

“That’s a lot…” Ren muttered, looking through her own bag and getting an idea “I’ll be right back” she said quickly, going over to another nearby merchant, Tmic. “Still waiting for a shipment?” Ren asked jokingly, smiling at the shop keeper.

Tmic frowned a bit and shook her head “No, I was hoping someone like you would come along. You see, A while ago I had to make a trip outside the village so I left the shop unattended for a while…” She trailed onward, sighing and looking at the ground “Those **** tree shade monkeys… They wrecked my entire shop!”

Renai frowned and nodded a bit “I’ll take care of them for you Tmic, I’ll knock some sense into those monkeys.” She said determined and Tmic smiled and nodded “Ok, when you get back I can give you an award!”

“I’d better hurry, it’s getting late.” Renai said as she started running down the ramp, pausing at the gate and looking around, taking a moment to talk to Gion who wasn’t far off.
She had never heard of the guard before, he must be a new recruit. And guessing how he didn’t recognize Renai, she was correct.

From the sound of his voice he was very worried, Renai listened intently to his story, learning he had lost an old key that was precious to him. She instantly accepted the task, learning that he lost it near the tree shade monkeys made both of her missions easy to accomplish.

It didn’t take long for her to acquire the antique key from one of the monkeys, by the time she had found it her revenge for Tmic was done. Walking back up the path to town and giving Gion his key.

“Thank you so much.” He smiled at her, tucking the key safely into his pocket. “You know, I think Tmic and Sonya need some help with something or other.” he said kindly and Renai just nodded “Thank you, have a nice evening.”

Walking back up the ramp she first visited Tmic, going to tell her of her success against the Tree Shade Monkeys.

Tmic smiled wildly when she saw Renai “Did you kill them??” she asked

“Yes, quite a few, they shouldn’t bother us for a long while.” Renai nodded, smiling with her, though a bit awkwardly

“Sweeter… warmer…” Tmic mumbled, smiling at the ground before snapping her head up at Renai “Don’t mind me. I’m crazy” She giggled, holding out a rather large bag of coins “Here’s your BOOTY!”

“Um… Ok…. Could I uh… Sell you some things?” Renai asked feeling more awkward, hesitantly reaching for her bag and handing over three green apples she had found, as well as some old weapons that had been left from fighters that must have lost them in a fight. It didn’t get her much re-selling, but it was money.

Going over to Sonya again, Renai smiled meekly counting her coins. Still not nearly enough, but almost wouldn’t cut it. Renai noticed Sonya had a thoughtful look on her face and decided to ask.

Sonya blinked, looking up at Renai and smiling a bit “Hi Ren, could you do me a favor?” she asked before Renai could get a word out. Renai simply nodded in agreement, hoping this would get her some money.

“I was hoping to make some new, quality armor, but I don’t have the time to get the leather for it.” Sonya said sadly, but then smiled at Renai “But you could gather it for me, it’s not that much trouble, the boars I gather it from are just down the path and to the east.”
Renai smiled and nodded “Sure, I’ll get you some. About how much do you need?” She asked, already starting on her way.

“I only need about five bundles, but hurry, I want to start making this before dark.” Sonya shouted to her, waving.

Renai made her way down the path, turning east when the road seemed to fork. But a voice
caught her attention.

“Hey! Warrior!” A nearby guard shouted, waving her over “I have a job for you, My name is Raumo, I’m worried that the wild is taking too much control of our town and getting to close, could you kill about five of these antelopes?” He asked, pointing them out to Renai.

Renai nodded and smiled, she could easily kill these and be on her way before nightfall, she was sure enough. Standing firm she decided now would be a good time to test some spells she was practicing earlier that day. First, she concentrated and formed a magical barrier around her, making a sort of second skin that would keep her from some harm’s way. Next, she called on the powers of fire and extended a fiery ring around her, littered with thorns that would **** and burn wild creatures around her, so that when they became close, she was prepared. And last, a spell that would give her more time to prepare, controlling roots with her magic and forcing them from the ground to wrap around her enemies ankles.

Her strategy planned, she just hoped all went well.

Casting on her first spell, she defended herself with magic, and cast offense of her thorns. Then with her target picked, she sent her roots to do her bidding. They grabbed hold, and the Antelope was confused and stunned, but before it could react and see its attacker, the beast fell. This was how it went for the remaining few, when she was finished, much of the herd had moved away from the village in fear.

She returned to Raumo, congratulating her and paying her on her efforts, telling her of another guard who was in need of assistance with Sealakel's at the watch tower, giving her a letter to the guard in command. But Renai would deal with that on another date. She had to gather the leather, and then head home.

It was the farthest she had ever traveled from her home, so nonetheless Renai was intimidated. The wolves nearby ran in packs, staring at her as she walked by. The boars with their long tusks glared at her, almost knowingly.

Scared to get any nearer, Renai stood back and flung her spells at the boars, taking them out one by one and skinning them of their leather. When she had gathered enough useable pieces, she got out of there as fast as she could. Returning to Tmic.

As she neared the ramp that leads to the merchants, she noticed that the village mage leader was watching her. He was one of the ones that lead the coming of age ceremony. Giving him a small nod, she continued up the ramp.

Sighting Sonya, the woman smiled and took the leather from Renai gratefully, giving her a small hug “thank you Renai, Here, for your trouble.” she smiled and reached into her bag “I think for your hard work, you deserve this.” In her hands where cotton pants, part of the set that Renai so desired.

Renai’s eyes widened with happiness and she gave Sonya a tighter hug “thank you so much!” she said aloud, thinking that maybe now, with that taken care of, she could buy the rest of the armor. Quickly selling scraps that she had picked up during her fights, she counted her coins.

“One… two… three…. Over five thousand!” Renai bounced happily, going to Sonya and buying her beloved armor. As she returned home, she decided that Moorus, the head mage, could wait until tomorrow to see her.

Returning to her home on the outskirts of the village she shut herself inside. Going into her room and setting down her bag. She sifted through the contents, setting aside Ramous Letter and placing the green apples she had collected into a basket by a window, to keep them fresh.

Taking off her normal clothes she shivered at the cold air and put on her new garb. Feeling at its fresh green fabric and smiling softly to herself. She already felt more protected in this then she had been in the previous armor. Sighing to herself she removed those clothing and crawled into her bed, closing her eyes and falling fast asleep.


In the morning, Renai awoke with a small yawn. Happily getting dressed in her green robes she set out for the day. Her first task, to visit Moorus.

“Sir Torero.” Renai called out to the older man who smiled at her drowsily “Hello, Hnn I just woke up now, what brought you here?” He asked, still obviously half asleep.

Renai giggled and shook her head “You wanted to speak to me.”

“Ah yes, I have seen you practicing, you are becoming quite the mage yes?” He smiled knowingly, nodding in approval “Mages are elves who can channel the powers of nature, the three main elements, Earth, Wind, and Fire.”

Renai nodded, having heard this lesson many times before “And water is a healing property that humans have mastered.” she nodded, smiling a bit at her own knowledge.

“Yes, now young mage, you must choose an element to delve further into. Choose wisely, and I will tell you what beast is weak against that element.”

Renai nodded and walked around the town for a small while, thinking of her choice. She didn’t know what kind of impact it would have, so she was naturally intimidating. Finally she made her choice and return to Moorus. “Master Torero… I wish to learn more about Earth.”

Moorus smiled and nodded “Earth is the benevolent mother of all nature, but once enraged, it splits scarily and swallows all living creatures.” Moorus smiled at the look of awe on Renai’s features “yes, earth is that powerful; the earth under your feet right now has more power than any beast. Now, for your mission…Find a Summoner of earth, Cremen in the Fanselenon Institute. She will tell you the detailed story about earth magic.”

“Sir… where is the Institute?” Renai asked shyly, wondering how far she would have to travel. This was it, her adventure was beginning.

“South of our village, it’s not that long of a travel.” Moorus said smiling

Renai nodded and gathered a few supplies, and started off on foot. As she exited the village, instead of going south, she turned west towards where Raumo had told her the other Guard was.

Renai approached the small structures next to the bridge, smiling at the two guards stationed there and walking towards a woman “Hello, where is the captain of this area?” Renai asked tilting her head a bit.

“I am, Please call me Berca, and I am the chief of guards.” The woman nodded holding out her hand to Renai, who shook it smiling. “But who, may I ask, Are you?” Berca asked raising an eyebrow, seeing only a small village girl.

Renai blinked a bit and reached into her bag, handing over the letter.

“Ah so Raumo sent you.” She nodded thoughtfully “I’m thankful for his kindness… well then, lately, this area has been terrorized by the Discus Sealakel Family. Even though the Elves try to secure this area, the Sealakels are way too fast, attacking travelers and stealing their belongings. It would help if we had one more person… Even someone new like you. Please help us repel some of those **** Sealakels. What we want most though… Is their warriors. Bring me their scales for evidence. To get to them, cross that bridge right over there.” Berca pointed, smiling a bit at the newcomer.

Renai grinned and went in the direction she was pointed in, crossing over the first bridge and looking around. Seeing several fish-like people, she guessed those were the Sealakels.

Looking at their weapons she smiled, seeing few with pikes, and others with staves. It was easy to see who the warrior was and who used magic.

The battles were short, but she got to test her spells on them. Her only worry was that occasionally the scales would be too damaged for her to take, so she would have to kill more and more. It took longer than she expected, but she completed the mission.

“Good, you’ve come back uninjured.” Berca smiled, patting her on the shoulder lightly “Do you have the scales?” she asked, all business now. Renai nodded and handed over the small bag she kept them in “Yes, got quite a few.” she answered

“Good good, return to Raumo, I think he has something for you to do at Fanselenon Institute.”

Walking along the path Renai found Raumo and gave him her information. He smiled and nodded “good, I would like to send you to Fanselenon Institute to help with the research there, Go south and meet with my friend Cremen, she’ll set you up with assignments.”
Renai nodded two birds one stone. She smiled to herself and started on her journey to a new area. Who knows what she will find at the Institute.


For Visual resons, Here is a picture of RenaiNoumi:
Side 1
Side 2
Zoomed Front

I removed her normal armor and replaced it with Cotton Armor
The hair is not AP gained, I worked for months to gather up gold to buy one from the auction house.
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