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[Tutorial]From Level 1 to 10

The beginning
Getting Started.

When you first log on to CoG you're asked to select your race and class. Each race has its own unique storyline and quests as well as units and buildings. There are also important attribute bonuses for each race:

Human: Unit Attack +5%
Elf: Unit Agility +5%
Undead: Unit Life +5%

With those attribute bonuses in mind I decided to try my luck at being an Elf Druid. Once you've selected your race and class you'll be shown to your Castle and given the chance to play through the game's excellent tutorial. I highly recommend playing through the tutorial as it will teach you all the basics of playing the game as well as giving your some great rewards for completing tasks! If you don't complete the tutorial you'll miss out on resource cards, gear and, most importantly, Exp rewards which help you to level up quickly. On completion of the tutorial you should have received enough Exp to reach level 6 and will be well on your way to fighting monsters and completing quests!

Note: If you skip the tutorial you won't be able to restart it again!

Putting it all Together.

1. For those of you who didn't complete the tutorial at the beginning of the game remember to build your resource buildings first. For Elves these are the Copper Crater, Mystic Forest, Rock Woods and Irontree Woods. Once your resource buildings have been built they'll start churning out resources at a constant rate but you need to remember to collect them. To collect resources click on a resource building and click “Collect”to collect the resources produced by that building or click on "Collect All" to collect all resources that have been produced.

2. Q: How do I recruit Heroes?

A: If you did the tutorial you'd know! But here's the rundown again anyway. Go to your race's main city (Sdaq for the Elves) and then enter the Tavern. There you will see a list of heroes that you can recruit. There are four types of heroes – Balance, Attack, Agility and Defense – as well four grades of heroes – white, green, blue and purple. A hero's grade determines his/her "Potential" with white being the lowest and purple being the highest. A hero's potential will affect his/her base stats as well as how much his/her stats increase when leveling up. I advise players to only recruit heroes of grade green and above. Refresh the heroes list until you see a hero worthy of your patronage or simply wait a while for the list to refresh automatically. You can recruit three heroes right from the start so make sure you recruit them as soon as possible to maximize your fighting strength!

3. Q: How do I train troops and assign them to my heroes?

A: Now that you've recruited a few heroes you should move on to training some troops to fight for them. If you're playing as an Elf you need to construct a Hunter Hall. Upon completion of this building you'll be able to train Dwarf Soldiers, a basic and rather weak infantry unit. To assign units to a hero click on the "Deploy" button at the bottom of the game interface. All available units will be shown on the right side of the page. Choose a unit type to assign to your hero and the number of units of that unit type. Click "Okay" and the soldiers will automatically be transferred to that hero's command. Remember that a hero can only command one type of unit at a time. You can remove units from your army by clicking on the "Dismiss" button next to each unit type. Dismissing a unit will permanently remove that unit from your army without any financial reimbursement! It should only be used when you have better units available or your population limit is about to be reached. Only "Standby" units can be dismissed.

4. Q: I've recruited about a hundred soldiers but now I can't recruit any more. What's going on?

A: This is because your Hunter Hall has run out of reserves. Reserves are generated at a steady rate and can be increased by constructing a Wisdom Spring. The Wisdom Spring is where you can research different technologies that can help your improve your Castle and your army. Upgrade "Growth" and "Newborn Will" to increase your reserves limit and replenish rate. Alternatively you can purchase a Troop Supply Card from the Shop and click the "Maximize" button in the Deploy interface to reset your reserves limit.

5. Q: The game says I've reached my population limit. Help!

A: You can view you population limit by clicking on the "Overview" button on the top left corner of the game interface. Increase your population limit by building and upgrading your Log Cabin or by researching and upgrading "Extension" at the Wisdom Tree.

Into the Wild

Now that you've gotten the hang of managing your city and troops you need to head out into the wild and start completing quests. Quests give you the chance to rapidly increase your Exp, obtain gear and other useful items. Quests also let you interact with the game's many NPCs and explore the vast game world.

1. Q: How do I find and complete quests?

A: The easiest way to find quests is to click on the "Quests" button at the bottom of the game interface. This will take you to the quest interface where you can view all available quests and accepted quests. Quests take place in the World map and will require you to perform various tasks such as killing monsters and delivering items. Once you've completed a quest, you'll receive a large Exp reward as well other rewards. There are only a limited number of quests per level but completing them is a quick way to earn enough Exp to level up and unlock more quests.

2. Make sure you equip as much gear as you can.

Click on the "Hero" button and select the "Equip" page. Here you can equip your heroes with various weapons, armor and other wearable items. These will give your heroes valuable attribute bonuses which may prove decisive in battle.

3. Set your heroes to "Battle" mode.

In order for your heroes to join you in your questing you need to set them to Battle mode. Go to the Hero interface and click on the "All Battle" button.

Defend mode should be used when you are being attacked by another player, but more on that later.

4. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each unit type.

When fighting against monsters, mix and match your units so that you have a ranged unit at the rear and melee units to hold the enemy back. Ideally, you should assign ranged units to a hero with a high attack rating and melee units to heroes with better defense and dodge ratings. This is especially important in early levels because the game provides you with a small supply of advanced units which are much better than the units you can currently produce. The Land Archer unit in the picture above has a far more powerful attack than the Dwarf Soldiers that I have trained but is vulnerable to melee attack.

Level 10: No Holds Barred

This is when things start getting interesting! Many of the game's features will be unlocked once you reach level 10. You will now be able to explore the game's dungeon system and engage in PvP combat. But with greater freedom there also comes greater danger!

1. Make sure to keep upgrading your buildings in order to unlock better units. Also don't forget to upgrade your research as often as you can, concentrating on "Magic" research which increase your army's combat abilities.

2. Q: I was just attacked by another player but none of my heroes were there to defend my Castle! What did I do wrong?

A: The reason why none of your heroes were there to meet the attacker was because you didn't set them to "Defend" mode. When you are about to be attacked by another player you will receive an alert message:

Now hurry! You only have 90 seconds to bolster your army and set your heroes to Defend mode:

Similarly, when attacking another player don't forget to set your heroes to Battle mode. You can interact with other player by going to the Wild map and clicking on their Castles. Remember to set your heroes to Defend mode before you leave the game in case you come under attack.

3. Q: What's a good way of increasing my Exp and resources?

Dungeons! When you reach level 10 you will be able to access CoG's dungeon system. Click on the "Dungeon" button to enter a dungeon. Exploring dungeons will reward you with resource chests and other useful items. Killing dungeon monsters is also a good way of increasing your Exp.

4. Q: Are there any other ways of increasing my Exp and resources?

A: Yes! Each area in the World map contains two places that you can visit to slowly increase your Exp and resources. For the Elves these are the Magic Pool and Soul Altar.

After reading through this guide you should know enough about Call of Kingdoms to enjoy the game and further your adventures. If you want to learn more about the game please check out the other tutorials in this forum. If you have any issues with the game please don't hesitate to make a forum post. Remember Call of Gods is a work-in-progress so look forward to new features and regular updates!

Partial credit for this guide goes to peter


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Oooh, now I know the bonuses each race got xD

Nicey guide, markie ;P

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