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06 Apr 2007
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PostedJan 20, 2011 7:54 am
well even if they do it prolly won't effect wolfteam Smile (no game servers ftw)


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16 Jan 2011
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PostedJan 20, 2011 7:59 am
andaro wrote:
A DDOS Attack only takes a handful of people to accomplish, or if you have your own computer lab at your disposal........

However such things can land you in jail, as we previously saw with several users who were caught participating in the attacks started by the activist group "Anonymous Operation-payback"

And I was monitoring the chat activity from that group, on November 5th, approximately midnight my time for about 3 hours, Aeria experienced a DDOS attack.....either "side-traffic" on the networks from a launched attack by the group OP (as one was called out at approximately that same hour against Warner Brothers Studios and VISA; WB being in the same network region of the US)......or if someone initiated a direct assault on AG&E's servers (that I am not sure of)......

However, I have noticed in the course of 3 years AG&E has experienced DDOS attacks on November the 5th, of each year, resulting in at minimum 3-5 hours downtime.

..Such things are illegal in the US under Cyber Terrorism laws

However never to fear, although such instances, including account database hacking have occurred in the past, AG&E made very swift calculated movements to strengthen our security here in the community, and I have every bit of faith in their protection over us all.

Are we immune to cyber attacks? Certainly not, no system really is, but we are definitely in safe well capable hands, and I hold no skepticism in AG&E Resolve.  

I do see where you are coming from, many DDoS attacks are easily tracked and people are easily caught for it due to your IP or something connected within your IP is pinging it which makes it easier to be caught out, yet I must say, EVERYTHING can be hacked into, nothing is safe, sure you can secure it the best you can to prevent MANY hackers from getting into the system but hackers will always result in coming out on top, there's this hacking clan I know it's called PakBugs or some other one that hacks Microsoft sites/programs e.t.c and many others hack Government websites.

If anyone has heard of Trick aka SayWhat? from Teamp0ison then you will know that he hacked into an english based league called EDL aka English Defence League who are basically the more racist side to the BNP aka British National Party who was later then hacked by Trick aka SayWhat?.

Trick aka SayWhat? hacked into their database and leaked out a load of peoples addresses e.t.c here are some links.

And as I believe they stated that it was Muslims or another religion was behind the hacking of the websites, unfortunately Trick aka SayWhat? is white and british.
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