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04 Jul 2009
PostedJan 13, 2011 11:25 am

My Problem

Hello, dear Managers!
I the great admirer of game WOLFTEAM.

My name in this game "interforest"

For quite some time now, when I have bought the new computer, at me the constant error began to appear.
At an input in game, a few having waited, game is closed itself automatically.
Without my participation.
At me Windows 7 - 32 bit.
Operative memory 4 gigabytes. Video card GT240 - 1 gigabyte.

All characteristics excellent. But me "throws out" from game approximately in 15 seconds after an input. And it is independent where. Or in a room or it is simple in a hall.

Prompt in what a question.
It can be necessary to download the certain version of game under mine Windows? Or to use defined the driver, or special programs?
There can be my antivirus disconnects game?

Mine email Mod Edit: Removed email
I wait for your constructive answer. Yours faithfully Andrey, 39 years /
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