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19 Jun 2007
PostedDec 01, 2010 6:42 pm

Total Amount $ before extras

this is the total amount of ingame $/Coin needed for perm items
the total amount needed for all perm items this including hat,armour,weapon,rings,braclets,face,eyes,etcc 101$ for Perm
excluding wings,suit 100$ for 365 day rentals
total with wings suit 201$ thats 20100 coin

8000coin / 80$
about 70 for wings and stuff

about 50 each

joshua arbuckle


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09 Oct 2010
London United Kingdom
PostedDec 01, 2010 6:53 pm
I'm not going to check your calculations if you've made any mistakes but that does seem about right. Firstly I'd like to point out to you that things such as suit, wings, eye, hair, faces are just extras. If you are trying to say through your post that it is too expensive to perm items there's always other methods which can be used.
Method 1: Make your outfit, hat and glasses perm. That way you can easily upkeep your accesorys and maybe added extras with vouchers without having to spend lots of money.
Method 2: Do not purchase extras such as hair, face, eyes and glasses. This way you can easily upkeep the rest of your items with vouchers, without having to spend any real money

There are many methods that can be used to be efficient, you don't have to spend a load of money to be able to upkeep your items.


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04 Nov 2010
United States
PostedDec 02, 2010 2:54 am

it is too exspenive

lol honestly dont buy anything?
your opion is great but honestly , cashers get too have everything at once all the time
where as free to play users do not
the math is right for perm and monthlya nd weekly ive done the math
and hoenstly go tell anyone rank 100 and below too buy only 1 gun
1 armour and 1 hat and ignore that extra 90 or more stat points and then go face someone head on that buys coin
the difrents is like 1k-4k and you think thats fair?
i havnt met one person in the top 200 besides myself who hasnt bought something with coin
i dont know of this is true but i think that
A: they ran out of vouchers like me
B: didnt want too pay 4$ a week for a weapon / 12$ a month / 20$ perm
C: didnt want to pay same for each for hat or armour
or just didnt think it was fair too have too dealw tih some guy who gets 10% random nukes
or 40% accurate shot with 20% reduction when the only way to get those is too COIN this game with at least 500$ too get strong enought ooo do GULU Hard or more
and this may seem childish but i can go buy a game for 10$ and play it offline why cant i play an online game that dosnt revolve around money?
this is why i would rather pay 10$ a month for a game then use micro transactions
you want too say the price is too ballence the game but in all realality its not to balence the game at all
its too make the devs rich
and yes i have the money too buy EVERYTHING permanant in one shot right now
but im not going too
becuase in all the games ive played
the more it costs for 1 item the more likly the game will one day just not be online
andall my items will be gone
there has only been one exseption too this tha ti know of and that is another game currently ouned by another company that will not eb named due too a voilation of terms and servise agrement too this forums , witch is ok becuase i dont break rules
but im just saying if the price wasnt made for people who make at least 900$ a week
and if some of the COIN events took place at the start of the montha dn NOT at the mdidle of the month i might be tempted nought oo buy coin
after all i wouldnt be poisting this at all if i didnt like the game it self
but right now untill the price gos down
or the amount of coins per $ exchange rate gos up then i will be a free to play user who WASTE YOUR BANDWITH becuase i can and i like the game but im not rich enought ooo offord it
and i will continue too DIG every coin user i see becuase they all rich lil kids and thats how i feel about it
but dont post on here saying my math is wrong , or that i spell bad , or that i can use vouchers when everyone who uses vouchers will say that if you want too win in a REAL fight i mean one on one power battle not digging
then you need more then jsut your hat amour and weapon adn thats a givin


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09 Oct 2010
London United Kingdom
PostedDec 02, 2010 3:33 am
I'm going to have to disagree with almost everything you've said.
It is easily possible to become a good player without spending any real money. I'm sure you know of ReapersGrip ? Rank 1. She didn't spend any Ap untill lvl 26~ and was able to be rank 1 with a grate win/loss rate.
I myself am an Ap buyer but haven't and will not use money to UPGRADE my items, only either perm them or extend their periods. A person can easily again pearls such as accurate or nuke by just doing gulu normal, it isn't impossible, you just need a decent bunch of people at an average of level 21. I also wanted to tell you the %rate for lv2 nuke is 4% accurate is 14% and the damage reduction is 30%.
I would like to mention that I do not use coins to upgrade my items because I think thr price is quite high in comparison to buying it with medals. E.g. Energy stones being T 1500c each and 7 medals in the barter section. Anyone with comman sense would know it's best to buy them at the barter store.
The point I wanted to make was, you don't have to use any real money to have high power. One other thing, if you do land any of the rare items when doing gulu normal or hard, most of them such as the gulu shield last for 365days.


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15 Apr 2008
Bay Area // California United States
PostedDec 03, 2010 4:33 pm

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