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Request Ticket/Contact US: FAQ

RT Tracking/Status

Here is a relevant guide for issues that can be communicated to us via the Request Ticket (RT Ticket)/Contact Us system. It is divided up into the most common issues affecting our community.
(More to be added)

Q: I have sent an issue and have not received a reply, should I make a new one?
A: No, if the ticket was sent to Browser Games and with the templates provided below, then sending more tickets will actually delay your response time.

Q: Should I refer my RT in the shout box or via PM to admin/GM staff if It has already been submitted?
A: No, referring your RT will not prioritize it. All RT's are completed and addressed on a first come first serve basis. If you haven't received a reply fro us in 48 hours, then your ticket has not sent to Brower Games (english).

-Hacked Account/ Compromised Account

Q: What do I do if I think my account has been stolen / compromised?
A: Please submit this information to us requested in the template provided here. We need your information so we can verify your identity.


Q: I cannot login to either the website or game client, what do I say?
A: In order to research this,please contact us with the Ban Inquiry Template!

- Promotions/ AP Issues

Q: Who do I contact if I am having issues with a recent AP purchase?
A: Contact our Aeria Billing Department (make sure to select Billing as opposed to Browser Games) here using this template.

Q: I seem to be having issues with a Web Mall purchase, who do I talk to and what do I say?
A: We will require some information regarding the initial purchase in question. Please refer to this template below before contacting us.

-Reporting Illegal Actions

Q: What do I do If I have been scammed from an item I have loaned someone?
A: We do not restore stolen or scammed goods. Any trade that is willfully given by you to anyone else is your responsibility. We do encourage to document any evidence regarding the wrongful actions. Please submit those to us so we may address these players and actions.

Contact Us Templates

Contact Us
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