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20 Sep 2010
Lund Sweden
PostedNov 19, 2010 2:14 pm

Help on WolfTeam! (Check This)

Can you or some1 help me with a thing? plz read!!!
How do i become GS?
Tell me a Tutarial how to be GS, plz?
If some1 GS see this, please respond to me!
(you can vote me up too) <3

Name: Jesica
Game Name: MultiSlayer (add me) <3
Older: 15
From: Sweden

plz help me plz!
i just wanna be a GS, im popular on WolfTeam, I Never Glitch, I never say Bad Words, I say to other to not spam texting

I thank you all who have see this!


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14 Sep 2008
Maple Syrup United States
PostedNov 19, 2010 4:48 pm
First, Aeria has to open applications for the GS position. Watch the Wolfteam Forum section (usually general discussion) and Aeria's General Announcements.

You don't really need a tutorial to be a GS. In depth knowledge of the game and the ability to handle yourself in a very public position are important. It's helpful if you're the kind of person that is easily available - you should be in-game and/or in the forums as much as you can. Maturity level and being nice in general can play a factor too.

You should also know how to handle player problems and complaints. Be able to help others do things like send in tickets (about anything - glitchers, hackers, missed promo items, whatever you can think of), and be familiar with Aeria/WT rules and the ToS.

No one can 'vote' for GSes. Who is and who is not a gamesage remains entirely up to Aeria staff.

...and I believe there is also a minimum age to be a GS - 16 I think, but I'm too lazy to look it up and see for sure. x_x

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