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26 Dec 2009
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Survey for educational purposes -Please respond

a few questions about grade school where you are
Survey for educational purposes
Please respond

One of my college classes requires that I do research with live people, but unfortunately, I do not know many live people who live in other countries. Please, if it is not too much trouble, can you answer this survey so I can satisfy this requirement? No Names will be published. I need responses from all of Europe and Australia and Canada. I would love responses from Poland, Romania, Greece, England, Japan, and New Zealand since I have journal articles from these countries to tie into. I need responses by November 10th 2010.

1. How many kids in your school (elementary or primary) spoke another language as their first language? (not the dominant language of the area)
Five or so 10 or so many more than 10
2. Did your school have a program to help them learn the language of your home area?
3. How did your school help these students maintain their cultural identity or did your school ask these students to change to the new language?
4. Did your school have "Taco Tuesdays", "Heritage Month" or any other kind of multicultural celebration?
5. Where did you go to school? (Country)
6. What was the dominant cultural language?
Thanks for looking

Thanks You for all of your efforts!
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