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21 Jul 2009
PostedOct 29, 2010 8:31 pm

Guide - Metallurgy and Formula(item)

A guide to metallurgy and using formula(item)
Hello everyone,
I made this guide to share my knowledge of metallurgy and how to use formula, as i saw many people ask for knowledge on it.

First metallurgy is the process of smelting 4 item into a new one and usually in a more powerful version.

to access the metallurgy interface you must first go to the town armory then select the metallurgy tab. here the basic interface :

to use mettallurgy choose a formula (double click on one or drag it to the grey scare for the formula) then put the 4 base item in the 4 empty grey scare (double click or drag and drop)

you should get that screen :

you should see the price of the metallurgy and if you click on preview you can see the resulting item and its chance of success.

you can add sacrifice item to increase the odd of a successful attempt. (Sacrificed item are lost)

Click on Smelt and hope for the best !

here i'll post the formula and known recipe.

Pearl Formula
Formula to fuse Pearl.
Recipe :
1. 4 pearl of the same Type(offense, defense, attribute), same quality (superior, ordinary) and same level = 1 random pearl of the same Type and same level with random quality.

Ring Formula
Fomula to fuse ring. currently only work with ring bought with coin.
Recipe :
1. 4 ring same name, same level = 1 ring same name, level + 1

Bracelet Formula
Formula to fuse bracelet. currently only work with bracelet bought with coin
Recipe :
1. 4 bracelet same name, same level = 1 bracelet same name, level + 1

Cohesion Formula
Formula to fuse energy stone.
Recipe :
1. 4 energy stone same level = 1 energy stone level + 1
2. 1 vermillion + 1 serpent + 1 dragon + 1 tiger = 1 energy stone level equal to the level of the highess attribute stone. (higher the level of the three other attribute stone higher the success rate)

Vermillion Formula
Formula to fuse vermillion(red stone : Offense).
Recipe :
1. 4 vermillion same level = 1 vermillion level + 1

Serpent Formula
Formula to fuse serpent(blue stone : Defense).
Recipe :
1. 4 serpent same level = 1 serpent level + 1

Dragon Formula
Formula to fuse dragon(green stone : Agility).
Recipe :
1. 4 dragon same level = 1 dragon level + 1

Tiger Formula
Formula to fuse tiger(yellow stone : Luck).
Recipe :
1. 4 tiger same level = 1 tiger level + 1

If you find error or want to add a recipe, post a comment and i'll add it to the guide. I'll do my best to complete it. Have fun smelting !

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11 Mar 2010
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PostedOct 29, 2010 10:04 pm
Thanks you for posting this


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PostedOct 29, 2010 11:03 pm
request sticky, very nice guide


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PostedOct 30, 2010 7:47 am
Great guide, took me a while to understand how metalurgy works

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