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07 Jan 2010
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Patch Notes - October 18, 2010


Here are the updates for October 18th:

Server Updates

  • Alice and Siropas have been merged together and are now called Bodor.
  • A brand new server is open called Gaia.
  • Bodor has 6 channels while Gaia has 3.
  • Gaia will temporarily have a higher experience rate in the low level areas until Nov 1st.
  • New forums have been created for Bodor and Gaia. Any recent posts from Alice/Siropas have been moved to Bodor.

Character and Guild Updates

  • Some characters have been renamed. Next time you try to log in with a character who lost their name you'll be prompted to change it. You'll get the message "This name has been". See FAQ for more information.
  • You may have up to 6 characters on Bodor depending on how many you had before the merge. You may have up to 3 characters on Gaia. If you have more than 3 characters on Bodor and you delete one, you will not be able to make a new character until you have less than 3.
  • Some guilds have been renamed. See FAQ for more information on this and how to get your guild's name changed.
  • Any duplicate archive items have been sent to your Item Mall inventory.
  • All Item Mall inventory items have been retained.
  • Prestige points have been reset.
  • All mail has been retained.
  • All friend, guild and block lists have been retained.
  • All auction house items have been returned to your mail box.
  • World boss status have been reset.
  • All guild assets have been retained including guild level, warehouse, achievements, member's list, etc.
  • Bulletin boards have been reset.
  • Hotkeys have been reset....maybe, for some people. It is random. Sorry. Confused
  • There will be no Guild Wars this week as points have been reset.

New Content for both servers

  • Novice Cards - These cards give you gifts and information that will help you through your first 30 levels of play. These are only available on newly created characters.
  • Sakurami Island - New level 66-75 map. To seek out this new island, find <Keeper> Illa to take the mission "L.10 Another World 1" at Kaslow 353,199.

New Content for Gaia Only

  • Sprite Assistance - Once level 18, find NPC <The Lost Sprite> Portoke in the 3 main cities. (Kaslow: 166, 243. Ilya: 221, 152. Jale: 109, 239)

Halloween Content

  • Help recover Nigel's Pumpkin Candy - Find Nigel in Jale City around 183, 304. Open the Solo tab of your events window to find Nigel. Rewards from this event can include permanent Halloween costumes!
  • Stop the Halloween Phantom Prince's pranks! Open the Party tab of your events window to find Ponchee!
  • Halloween Newsletter released tonight and will be emailed out throughout the week.
  • 13 Days of Halloween: Click for Video.

    October 19: Oz's Haunted House
    October 20: Undead Invasion!!
    October 21: Trick or Treat!!
    October 22: Spooky Trivia
    October 23: Beldargoth's Rage
    October 24: Undead Invasion!!
    October 25: Defend a Monster
    October 26: Oz's Haunted House
    October 27: Defend a Monster
    October 28: Witchcraft Collection
    October 29: Spooky Trivia
    October 30: Beldargoth's Rage
    October 31: EXP Trick or Treat!
    Click for Full Halloween Event List.

Sprite Alchemy

  • Magic Alchemy Rewards have been modified
  • For those unfamiliar with the system, check out the guide HERE



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23 Mar 2010
PostedOct 19, 2010 1:25 am


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19 Oct 2009
PostedOct 19, 2010 1:32 am

Re: Patch Notes - October 18, 2010

GM_Cara wrote:

  • You may have up to 6 characters on Bodor depending on how many you had before the merge. You may have up to 3 characters on Gaia. If you have more than 3 characters on Bodor and you delete one, you will not be able to make a new character until you have less than 3.

Wait what?
I thought TW got 9 character slots(there were 3 servers in their merge) and actually retained them and could create more than 3 characters should that have been all they had.
If I had known you could only have 6 characters at once if you made 3 on each server prior, I would've done that.

Granted, I'm happy for merge, halloween stuff, etc. but still.


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29 Jun 2008
PostedOct 19, 2010 1:42 am
yeah that was a bit of a twist didn't expect that but doesn't effect me too much i guess


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07 Dec 2009
PostedOct 19, 2010 1:54 am
I just hope there will be nice grinding parties/reps in the new map.


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08 Feb 2010
PostedOct 19, 2010 1:58 am
i hope the merge can bring some new experience in playing ... ^^


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01 Jan 2009
PostedOct 19, 2010 2:12 am


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10 Apr 2008
PostedOct 19, 2010 2:12 am
Aww I wished the Sprite Assistance system to be in Bodor as well! >.<
Why only Gaia?


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23 Nov 2007
PostedOct 19, 2010 2:24 am
cause there are people that like it and dislike it. So we can all test it out first in the new server and then see if maybe bodor will get it also.

ps too bad the sell off (so not the discard option) white and green equips with grey items isnt in the bot system as it looks like from those screens (would love that feature of kitsu being implemented here and im sure im not the only one)

rest nice updates ^,^


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16 Nov 2009
PostedOct 19, 2010 2:55 am
Whoo Sakurami Island

Nice patch. ^^
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