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23 Nov 2008
PostedJul 27, 2010 1:58 am
Thanks, I'm glad it is enjoyable Smile

Can't really remember the time span but took a few days each. To simplify the process;

1. Think of a story. A simple notepad file would be nice if you think of the speeches and write line by line per frame. Then you'll know what to screenshot. In BanNote i did planning page by page in my mind. Pvp scenes are totally random. I just walked around taking snaps once in a few seconds then used the ones fitting. In GMNote I prepared a simple txt file like I mentioned. Each line of speech represented a frame so I knew what to SS so that I think is easier. Once I had the necessary images I did that page.

2. Once you have the SS use your favourite Image Processor for pages. I used Photoshop and layers helped a lot.

- I first prepared a base page file. It has the background layer, "edited by" and "page number" texts as layers. So for each page I copy this file and change the page number.

- This file also has 2 more layers. One is for the images. When I import images, stretch/position them I merge them onto this layer with "CTRL+E". This layer has a glow effect as border of the frames. In GMNote there's also a bevel/embos effect on this. Just make a layer with the common effects and merge images onto that. That will save you time. Once merged all your frames will have a border no matter what their shape is.

- Second one is for speech bubles/rectangles. When I add the speeches, I go to this layer and with rectangle/lasso tools I select around the speeches with pressing Shift, including the arrow/triangle pointing towards the speaking character. This way you select multiple areas. When all are selected use bucket tool to paint them all white. This layer also has a glow effect for border since speech bubbles also need one. And that's it, you have a page Smile

- If there are additional effects you need, it's up to your own skills. For example I added the notes in my frames. Just keep in mind that make these effects on original sizes. When you shrink them later, it is harder to detect such things so they look even better Smile

Hope this helps.
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