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15 May 2010
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Blood Wolf production report


Product v 0.741.126

Minor Product changes: Due to the finding that the product still have growth plate, it is now considered premature, instead of mature.

Date: 2022 June 26

Product v 0.741.125

Product changes: breeding habit found. Female Wolves (Very rare, although 212 cases found) are made, and I-neo chose subject E-Smith. But E-Smith did not survive the breeding process because eaten. More cases are being tried. Of breeding process is now censored, due to Vice Chairman's request.

Date: 2022 June 23

Product v 0.634.512

Product name: I-neo a.k.a Blood Wolf

Product code: 324v58ku3ll

Product development: Interbreeding of wolf (More details on file #213)

Product description:

Small in size (prox. 120 cm and 46 kg), this product has a hue of marine blue, but the product has the ability to take in the color of their background when positioned on top of the corpse of any Canis (a.k.a wolf) family, including the new Canis Tyranno (a.k.a Wolf-Human Syndrome; for more information contact Paien Lab) and also be half transparent when near enemy. Still in development, this product is known to wipe the whole population of foxes in hunting area (prox 700m2). The product's DNA code seemed very matching with the common Chameleon, although the main genre seemed equivalent to Canis Tyranno.

Product date of birth: 2021 September 20 20:13 PST

Product status:

Male, age 7 month

Chief Knowledge Officer
Moon Kyu
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