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24 Jun 2008
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PostedJun 11, 2010 2:29 pm

YES! Your In-Game GOLD is linked directly to your AP

It says so at the FIRST SCREENS YOU READ
When you FIRST LOAD the game on your account, it displays the information screen concerning the game AND the Gold<->AP relation. To continue past this screen, you have to click Close. READ THIS SCREEN BEFORE YOU CLICK CLOSE!

This screen shows up BEFORE THE INTRO MOVIE, BEFORE PILOT NAME SELECTION, and BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE IN the game... The only thing that shows up before this screen is the game loading screen.

After you click close, view/skip the movie, etc, THIS SCREEN WILL NOT SHOW ANYMORE. It is a ONE TIME SCREEN. SO READ THE SCREEN.

It reads:
Pirate Galaxy First Screen wrote:
[Aeria Games image]
a free-to-play MMO where you take on the role of a daring
space pirate working to sabotage the nefarious aims of the
Mantis, a powerful alien race intent on plundering human
colonies across the galaxy.

The currency used in PIRATE GALAXY to purchase virtual
items is called "gold". 7 gold pieces are equivalent to 1
Aeria Point (AP). Whenever you spend gold in PIRATE
GALAXY, a corresponding amount of AP is deducted from
your Aeria Games account.
If you want additional gold for use in Pirate Galaxy, simply
visit the Shop page at the Aeria Games site and purchase
more AP. The updated amount of gold (1 AP = 7 Gold) will
be displayed on your gold counter within the game.

Now buckle up, kickstart your engines, and prep the blaster
cannons - a galaxy of adventure awaits!

As a side note, because of this link, when the game says you get 50 GOLD for gaining rank, it is just saying it, it's not actually happening. That gaining has been disabled, but the messages have not. It says you receive it, but you do not actually receive it. If you did receive it, people would be able to AP farm this game just to gain AP for their accounts. So while it may say you get it, you DO NOT get it. I repeat, NO FREE AP for RANKING IN THIS GAME outside of events/contests that AGE has.

I have included screenshots of this little notice for people out there saying "it doesn't exist". I created a new account JUST to take these screenshots. If you didn't see it because of a bug or hiccup (or because you clicked close without reading it), read it here.

-UNEDITED Top half of the box-

-UNEDITED Bottom half of the box-

-EDITED Combined halves of the box-
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