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27 Jan 2008
sanfrancisco United States
PostedFeb 06, 2008 12:50 am

PvP Archer

What build should I use if I am planning to make a PvP archer? What skills are needed to effectively PvP?


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16 Jun 2007
Sydney Australia
PostedFeb 06, 2008 1:28 am
i reckomend 4 luc 1 dex. if ur a hard mode 6 luc 1 dex if ultimate im not really sure i reackon you should do 8 luc 1 dex or 7 luc 1 rec 1 1 dex.
pvp skils
piercing shot (max it)
rapid arrow(max it)
bullseye(dont have to get it early lvl if u dont want to but at lvl 27 get it alteast and its 100% accuarcy that skill so max it)
shot pointer(max it great for pvp and pve)
slump shot(max effective for warriours/guardians)
mana shot(for killing mages and making them powerless, with no mp they cant hurt u)
big coupe(best skill u can kill assins with this u are 100% accurate for 30 secs not sure how it is at higher lvls.)
ur passives should obvious

i highly recomend that you stay in teh pvp zones as long as possible. camp if u can(dont log out if u are over the lvl to enter) so that u can get as many kills as possible.the extra kills will give u extra stats when u go to the place where the markets are and alot of heroic stuff and lapis sold there by people. the name of that guy is sumthing warriour not sure what it is though.
u will need all the points possible into luc so u will crit at earlier. normal mode archers will need this more but it doesnt matter what mode u will want to crit as early as possible.

quite interesting when im bored........
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