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26 Mar 2009
Akron United States
PostedDec 11, 2009 10:43 pm

Imma try sum thin.....

Pre-warning: no experience XD
Ok yall ive given it sum thot and.... i think ill do sumthin useful and make avvies/siggies dependin on how well i can get a process down. F.Y.I. i dont hav a fancy thing 2 make the ultimate sigs/ avies so i will do tha best i can with wat i got.... my avatar is an example of wat i hav done

ummm 4got 2 mention ill need info on wat ur thinkin....

a link 2 a pic:
ne thin u want added in like wording:
and i can do sum coloring 2 it not quite sure how well it works tho

leave me that kind of stuff and ill do mah bestest ^^

Life is wat u put into it... so feed the flame and keep it burnin strong. :)
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