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28 Nov 2009
Belfast Ireland
PostedDec 01, 2009 6:03 pm

REP mats

im starting a party up to 2 peoples

ok here it goes

i'll be planning to grind alot in this game and by doing so i'll be killing mobs that drop REP mats and im planning to colect alot of the mats enought to complete to quest about 20+ times and it would be cool and fun to do this with other people too so this is just a shout out to those people interested in doing so (:

if you are leave a reply to this topic with your IGN
and if you have not made or come u with a new one that your going to makes
then when you create that char add me PrincessZaku i'll be on as soon as OB starts and we can get right down to business ^^ hope to see you ingame very often
oh and join Pheonix guild xD

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