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13 Oct 2009
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PostedOct 19, 2009 3:07 am

Interface design issues

That's just to get you started Wink
1. Most of the world uses a common technique called 'word-wrap', it appears that Shaiya devs chose to use the 'best fit' method of 'character-wrap' so that words would fit their interface more fully. It is very difficult to read whe
n you have to keep trying to find words t
hat do this all the time. All you have to d
o to see this is open your quest window.

2. The extensive use of elipses (...) for EVERYTHING. Just because you type that way doesn't mean you should force it on everyone that plays your game. Trying to find *Windtail Forest Large Brow...* is not as easy as you'd think since I have no idea if it's supposed to be Brown Bear, Brown Boar, Brown Friggin Elf Munchkin, etc. It's as if the creatures name is really Windtail Forest Large Brow... because it also shows that name in the action/event log:
Windtail Forest Large Brow...'s attack missed the target. (really?? seriously??).

3. Quests in general. They show no origin, you can't set which one you want to be the active one on the map, etc. If you're like me I like to run around and get every quest I can in a location and anytime I see a new one I get it and then do them when I get around to them so i don't have to waste my time running back and forth all day long just to complete a quest and then get another one from the guy right next to him. But now that I have lots of quests I can't figure out who the Hard gave it to me, where I'm supposed to go to complete it, and since problem number 2 is there I can't tell if I'm actually attacking the correct monster. There's no quest marker on the map (only for the active one which I can't figure out how to change without completing that quest), only for the last one you got which doesn't help at all when you want to complete a different quest.
South of Village doesn't tell me which village the quest started at. Trying to find a 'boss' is a search and destroy mission without knowing if the monster even exists or you just have to kill a bunch of other monsters until a 'boss' drop happens. (Lupers?? I helped someone complete that quest and never once saw a monster called Lupers, just killed a bunch of wolves).

4. Settings. Leave my settings alone and save them so I don't have to waste the time adjusting things so I can just play. This mostly applies to the chat thing(why does everyone chat in the trade channel??). I'd love to be able to turn OFF and remove the chat interface and that message log interface or at least move them to a different spot on my screen.

5. Z-Index of interface elements. Any active element needs to be the FRONT element whether you're hovering over something or clicking on it, if it displays information it needs to be IN FRONT of everything else, and if it's just an information display it needs to be click-through so it doesn't get in your way. Speaking of that green bar at the bottom of the interface that seems to hide underneath my skill bars, I have no idea what information it presents to me because it's hiding, and I can't click on it to force it to the front of the z-stack so I can read it because of the aforementioned click-through (that is a good thing) but when you hover over it it should be forced to the front so the info can be readable.

6. Spelling issues. I was dropped a 'Old Shoes' but in the action/event log it simply said I attained a Ss.
Extreme use of acronyms or improper spellings of things. Nowhere in the game does it tell me what LUC is supposed to be spelled fully. Is it LUCK?? I assume so but I have no idea. Magic is the ONLY stat that is spelled out. I can say without a doubt that there is PLENTY of room on the little bitty window to spell them out correctly. Resistence is spelled Resistance (note the position of the only A in that word?). Evation is spelled Evasion.
Status and Statistics are not the same. If you change your stats you're changing your statistics therefore the Status (T) page is named incorrectly (status is most generally referred to as Online, Offline, AFK, BRB, it's a chat thing). Shaiya's Status page is generally called the Character Page in other MMO's considering that everything on that page has to do with your character and absolutely nothing to do with your status.
The use of Capitals and non-capitals for random things is just scary. I see LUC, WIS, ATK, and then out of nowhere Magic and then again out of nowhere I see 'a bit fast'. How about some standard interface design conventions where the first letter of the first word is capitalized or NONE of them are capitalized. You've got almost spelled words completely capitalized LUC(K) among words that are completely spelled and capitalized properly like Magic interspersed with phrases without anything: 'a bit fast'.
I mean according to the game I'm Lev.14 on my current character. Lev? really? You couldn't spare 2 more spaces to spell it properly? You put the period there, but couldn't afford to say Level 14. I would have accepted just the number or L-14 but Lev.14 is just lazy.

I'm not new to MMO's in the slightest but I do expect a certain level of professionalism from the user interface developers (or translators in most cases) to show me an interface that is readable, clean, and efficient. Not one that I have to try and figure out from the lack of spelling, word wrapping, grammar and/or clutter. This game looks good but it has a long way to go on the interface (the interface graphics are not in question, those are nice). Placement, spacing, and standardization of interface elements are definitely not a strong suit in Shaiya.
(on the 'status' page(T) again, there are 2 elements that are completely backwards to the rest of them wtf is up with that?).

I'm enjoying the game, just some things need work (like most online games). #7 was going to be about the well known camera issues but since I'm experiencing so much lag I can't even play right now so I'll skip that.

BTW: my computer crashes when I die (I have no idea if this game even has resurrection yet because of that lol)

P.S. Yes, I've read all the wiki stuff and the guides and etc. I'm not a complete noob Wink


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11 Jan 2009
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PostedOct 19, 2009 3:25 am

Re: Interface design issues

GlaciusCool wrote:
*Windtail Forest Large Brow...* is not as easy as you'd think since I have no idea if it's supposed to be Brown Bear, Brown Boar, Brown Friggin Elf Munchkin, etc.  

Just gotta love the literal babelfish style translations...

or not


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05 Jun 2008
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PostedOct 19, 2009 3:32 am
Well, no matter of ranting will change the interface at this point, unfortunately. Also, SonoV is slow to do updates, which is not AGE's fault such as the case with translation errors and things like Sky City.

SonoV for the most part are stubborn with changes or suggestions.

With your problems with crashing try the Technical Help section:

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