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PostedOct 07, 2009 6:50 pm

Advocates for Better PvP

attempt 2
Its no secret that PvP in Shaiya has been lacking and seems to moving in a downward spiral. I have talked and preached on the forums, discussed ideas in ventrilo and shout box, and gone so far as to send tickets in. I'm going to send another ticket in this time, but I want to show the GM's and Producers of Shaiya just how much support were willing to invest as a PvP community. In hopes of them showing some support for us.

The Plan:

Send a ticket into AGE Shaiya Management

With the intent of:

1. Acknowledge that there is a problem, in general, with PvP currently in Shaiya.

2. See if Shaiya Management has any plan to address these PvP issues / concerns.

3. Support our Shaiya PvP player base.

*************** The Ticket ***************

Dear Shaiya Management,

I write this ticket today to speak of a problem you are probably already aware of. PvP within Shaiya has taken a turn for the worse and doesn’t seem to be improving. In addition, we (Advocates for Better PvP) struggle for GM support on the forums in discussing and suggesting ideas for implementation that might help repair and rebuild our shrinking PvP communities. There are far too many threads and lists on Shaiya PvP concerns not counting the “QQ” posts, but to name a few larger ones:

· The increasing gap between players spending $$$ and those having little or none.

· Players remaining in the 1-15 PvP zone farming 100k kills or more because its easier.

· Caster class imbalance in all of the PvP zones.

The list goes on and on. As you can see there are issues affecting just about every area of PvP in Shaiya. Despite the criticism and challenges, we (the PvP community) are not about to quit or give up. We are willing to help in whatever capacity we can to see Shaiya PvP become what we all know it can. We discuss PvP in SB. We express and entertain all sorts of possibilities and notions for PvP on the forums. We even go as far as asking for help through tickets like this.

We understand that there is no overnight fix for PvP in Shaiya. Changes and such take time and communication. We are aware of the communicational difficulties with SonoV.

What we don’t know is if you are listening to us? Are you reading our suggestions? Do you understand our love for PvP in Shaiya and our desire to see it improve?

So my question to you…

What more can we, the PvP community, do to help you promote PvP in Shaiya?

We have seen far too much negative change in Shaiya PvP. It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to listen to your players and restore PvP to what it should be.

Thank You,

Advocates for Better PvP


What I am asking from the reader...

/push for change
/anything else you think relevant


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PostedOct 07, 2009 6:55 pm
We have heard your suggestion.. and guess what, it is granted. You can send a ticket here:

Feel free to use this to express your concerns.

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