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02 Dec 2007
Coffs Harbour Australia
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UPDATE: Message from AUSGAMERS re the broken download.

These guys were so fast : )
Everything is hunky dory now. Just ignore the below post. "Move along please people, there's nothing to see here .... " Smile

IGNORE THE BELOW POST - It has been all fixed up now.

ADDED: PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE NOT VERIFIED THE NEW TORRENT AS WORKING YET. The .exe version downloads and installs fine.
I sent this message to Ausgamers due to all the confusion over the broken downloads:

---- Original Message ----From: <>To: <>Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 10:04 PMSubject: AusGamers Feedback Form: general

The Shaiya client (the new Open Beta one) is being reported by dozens of used as not working on the game forum. It won't install, and running the installer in a COMMAND prompt just gives the message "program too big to fit in memory". Can you verify this and remove it if it is borked please? (ps - this was on win XP with 1.5 GB of ram here)


1st reply:

Thanks, checking this out now. Looks like the torrent version somehow got corrupted. The regular HTTP version looks fine but still confirming. -- trog


then hot on it's heals:
2nd reply

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to report this. I have re-created the torrent file and manually verified that the new torrent is fine. Please pass on my apologies about this to the other forum users; totally my fault for not confirming the torrent was correct. There might be some other users with busted downloads due to the extreme load on our network, but if they re-download the file (via either torrent or HTTP) going forward now, it should be fine.


The download page was also updeated with this message:

UPDATED!! The torrent for this was corrupted. It has been replaced with a working torrent. The old completed torrent download should resume to around 30% of the new torrent. You will need to redownload the torrent file from here! Apologies for the inconvenience.


So the wonderfull Trog from Ausgamers confirmed a problem with one of the downloads, and jumped all over it when it was reported. Can't do better than that : )

Please feel free to post here if you have success with the installs from now on from Aus gamers.



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10 Dec 2007
Ashley United States
PostedDec 18, 2007 8:59 am


This is where i got the client first, I was so pissed when it dident work. And **** were they fast =P. Very Happy
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