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19 Jul 2009
PostedAug 16, 2009 5:16 pm
O,, o You're really ripping someone.

And theres a 33% chance its me. Eek.

But I think if it was then I'd know.  

Of Course i do. As postet otherwise i enjoy Conquest Games the most, especially WolfConquests, which means i just _have_ to tear someones backside to tiny little shreads :>

On the other hand i also enjoy having wolves perforatet by my "oh so noobish" PT-60 :>

In the End it is all about the one thing that makes this game unique and different from anything else, the "Wolf Factor". It changes the way maps are handled and combat is handled, anyone claiming to deny Wolf is not really playing out the full potential. Even if they perform more then well, they could just have played something else and earned the same credit...

Concerning my second thoughts. I fear the person i was worried about, in the end it would not occur to her/him that she/him might have ruined the game more often then not by her/his all to naturally coughed up swearing. It is a naturall thing, once someone said something negative all people in the room start to think negatively, more then they would if nobody said something. So i try to either say something positive or nothing. If someone spoils the "Atmosphere" i try to make fun of them to save the fun of it for all the others or to calm them, either way, it is better then swearing or flaming.

_This_ is the point the newly appointed Game Sage i was talking about has to understand. Team management and Group Psychology. One of the reasons why you fare better to have more then just barely Adults in that position, but i am just a mere player who tries to help out with his 2 cents.
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