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15 Jan 2007
PostedJan 15, 2007 6:11 pm

Lvl.31 Mount

Just Look Plx
Hey everyone just started playing cause of a different game made me mad,but oh well.And admins even tho you might not like this im sorry but i gotta do it -.-.Aiight if any of you reading this have ever played me on server 6 of katan on name is Kakarot2,Im not gonna play co anymore instead im devoting what time i did on co,to this game,and i need to get rid of my lvl 115 archer.And if anyone still wants to play co just tell me,Im not giving it away tho be warned.I want a lvl.25-31 dragon or horse whichever you have.The archer equipments include:Super+3 Archer Coat,Super+4 2 SDG Bow,Elite+2 Attk Ring,Elite Boots And Elite Necklace.Please pm me on the game.Cya around guys and sorry again admins but look at it this way,im playin your game now.


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19 Nov 2006
Belfast United Kingdom
PostedJan 29, 2007 5:32 am

Re: Lvl.31 Mount

Just Look Plx
Cobra2913 wrote:
but look at it this way,im playin your game now.  

lol yes..but at the same time u r sending away another of their players Razz

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