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Please read before you post

Lots of misconceptions
I know what you're thinking: "A guide to ranting? Seems like it would defeat the purpose of a RANT!"

Well, contrary to popular belief, this isn't a free-for-all forum. It's regulated like all the rest, and receives more Forum Mod and GM attention that a lot of other forums here at Aeria.

I'm sure many of you like this part of the forums as much as I do. It's a nice place to get away and get some major beefs off of your chest. For forum trolls, it's a great place to get a few lulz. When used properly, it's an excellent place to have a civil debate about some major issues you may be having with Aeria, or a game, etc.

However, there's a lot of threads that get locked or removed, and a lot of people don't understand why. I've had it happen to me a few times, and I'm sure there's quite a few of you that have had the same thing happen to you, as well. So, let's cover some basics on how you can keep your thread clean, open, and remaining in public view until it gets buried with time:

  • First off, you should ensure that your thread falls within the lines of the Terms of Service, Fair Play Rules, and Forum Guidelines. Failure to do so can get your thread locked or removed before it has a chance to flourish into a long life of openness.
  • Remember that bans are not to be discussed in the forums as it is a violation of the Privacy Policy. If you received a ban, please contact Aeria Support directly by using the Ban Appeal Form.
  • Personal attacks against a Volunteer GameSage, GameMaster, or other representative of Aeria could prove detrimental to you. If you choose to do it, keep it civil. However, the best option would be to either send the individual a PM using their forum account inbox, or sending in a Ticket depending on the issue at hand.
  • Creating of multiple threads of the same issue is an excellent way to win a 1-way ticket to "Lockedville." Not a good way to get what's bugging you taken seriously by the community.
  • Think out your post before you submit it. I know you may be upset when you make your post, but if it looks and sounds like a hot mess it's probably going to get flamed and trolled, which could lead to it being locked. Civil debates don't begin with rage, and they surely don't end that way either.
  • The same goes for those of you who get upset enough to leave AGE's games permanently. If you decide you want to post that you're leaving, please make it sound sensible and somewhat civil. If it looks and sounds like nothing but a fit of rage, the thread can quite possibly be removed anyway.

I think that about covers it. I hope you continue to enjoy this section of the forums, and happy posting! Smile
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