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17 Apr 2011
Tokyo Japan
PostedJan 12, 2018 9:43 am

Movement Speed

Is there a max limit on movement speed? or can we have as much movement speed as we want? im wondering because when i run PT on my 78 WL i feel he has everything there is to make his move speed fast. just wondering if there's a limit like crit damage. i want to try to get his move speed more with lightning stones in my armor, but dont want to waste gold if theres a cap to it.


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01 Oct 2011
In the DANGER ZONE, Australia
PostedJan 12, 2018 7:10 pm
I think there's a limit but i'm not sure what it is. What's below is a guess based on my experiences.

However what I've noticed with all my movespeed stuff proc'd I'm at the same speed when I'm paralyzed as when I'm not.

The max procced ms I usually have is at Kushan/Didelos.

Perm: 15(lover)+12(mastery)+18(glorious title)+20(5 star mount)+25(sprint alch set)+15 (40 sword)+10 (relic)+8 (wind warrior) = 123 bonus ms.

Temporary boosts: 40 (light wing temp skill) + 30 (axe proc) +15 (shield proc) +16 (sprite procs). = 101 bonus MS.

Now when Axe procs after kushan it's as though Paralyze doesn't exist at all even if I have the status so suspect it's only mitigating the paralyze effect and not necessarily increasing my MS further. This occurs even without shield or sprite proc but almost always one of them is proccd anyway so i'll add +8 (one sprite proc).

So based on my guesses so far 123+40+30+8-50 = 151~+100 (base) = 251

I think the movespeed cap is around 250.

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