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01 Jul 2017
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PostedNov 09, 2017 8:32 am

Various Suggestions (Economy)


Personally I do love this game, and at present I am a little concerned over things like how the in-game economy is at the moment, which isn't something I want to start a debate over in here - it's been done plenty and I know it's already being discussed by members of the team anyway.

All I'd like to do is clarify that I do worry a little about the economy at the moment, specifically in relation to gold, and would like to make a few suggestions I think would really help. If absolutely any sound workable, I'd love to hear feedback from the team. I do also know and recognise that some also may not be.

For skim-readers I'll bold the actual suggestion. The rest is just explanation.

1) Consumable Changes

One of the biggest drains on gold for NPCs which (at least for me personally) I've experienced is in regard to buffs or boosts which are very important for competitive PvP, but are also very handy in PvE too. The only issue is that a great deal of the cost associated with these consumables (excluding couple buffs) see gold landing in the void that is the NPC gold vault. This makes them expensive to use in PvP (to the degree of being unsustainable), and almost completely unusable in PvE.

At the same time, whilst the compendium has been updated with some great stuff, it's really lacking on the consumable side, which means that once you've acquired the core items you need... SP is back to the point of accruing for the sake of accruing.

I'd like to suggest that reputation potions (skill type damage and resistance) be moved into the celestial compendium as an alternative to paying 5g each. This ties grinding to the potions, but doesn't cause an issue when comparing gold drops in a dungeon to the cost of potions. It doesn't even cause a real issue when comparing SP gains, as all the SP purchases can also be got with gold, which isn't true in reverse.

I'd also suggest for the crafting fees to create potions be reduced, because the amount of time put in to farm the materials should surely mean you shouldn't need to pay so much per potion just to create them - this inflates the price of potions significantly.

Between these two, I think you'd reduce a vast amount of the "gold drain" from NPC fees, because even though crafting fees for gear are the highest of all, they aren't a "constant process" like potions, which you'd be topping up on regularly.

2) PvP Gold Rewards

Right now, gold = PvE. There are some great PvP rewards, but simply put, you're not going to make gold from PvP. Even when you consider there are a couple of saleable PvP items, that's to players, and doesn't generate a single bit of gold for the in-game economy.

To clarify, I certainly do not think a large amount should be given, and there should definitely be a cap so that one or two people aren't generating far more than anyone else, but having a small gold reward for competing in PvP would, I think, improve the amount of people actually contending.

If you farm PvE solidly for a number of hours, you could potentially make 500g. Could this level of potential gold earning be brought into PvP, by offering some gold rewards? If someone, for example, attends two GDs a day (most people won't attend more than 2-3 due to the timings), then why not give a small gold reward for people with an upper limit so that more than 500g is unrealistic?

Just to clarify, I do firmly believe in an upper limit and that reaching the limit should be realistic for anyone who regularly attends, rather than reserved for the elite. Something closer to a participation reward. Potentially the reward could be based off the team's acquired bullion (rather than personal), to reward good teamwork rather than just being pro yourself.

I think this would help the game a lot, by encouraging people to PvP when they don't want PvP gear, but also meaning primarily-PvP players able to feed into the game economy just like PvE ones can.

3) Wider GS reward types

AC seems to be the defacto reward from GS events, and I know there is some leeway in what the reward can be, but we still seem to only get AC. AC is nice, but it'd be great to have some variety, including even gold (especially right now, gold would be good). I don't think the rewards are unfair, so I'm not suggesting a change in the value of the rewards given, but more the composition, and bearing in mind the game doesn't need AC right now, it needs gold.

4) Better Puzzles

I'd rather not get into debating if puzzles have or have not been nerfed, so if people want to do that, then that's really not what this is for. All I'd like to say is that lately the puzzles have been pretty unrewarding, not simply in terms of what's available, but the rates of getting what you're rolling for are insanely low. It's been a while since experiencing a really good senshi puzzle, with all the latest ones having rather abysmal rates.

I know testing is being done on the puzzles right now, but really we just need a shift back to the "good old days" with a senshi puzzle that actually drops contracts. I've also suggested senshi gem bags to replace LP as a one-off before, which I think would go down really well - even if the bag forces you to accept, I think it'd go down well and eat up a lot of the AC in the game right now.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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25 Jan 2012
PostedNov 09, 2017 9:16 am
Those are really good ideas that could really help fix the issues with gold. (Cause let's face it there are issues right now)
I specially like the idea of reducing the costs of creating potions. Alot of gold just disappears into the void with them. Crafting too, if you actually want to get a decent armor or weapon unless you're really lucky you have to spend quite a bit.

So yeah I hope someone takes these seriously and does something


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14 Jun 2016
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PostedNov 09, 2017 12:24 pm
These are really good ideas, and I agree this could fix alot of that things as well. Very good suggestions Smile Smile

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02 Sep 2017
PostedNov 12, 2017 5:57 am
good idea, especially the gold part. Aeria staff the economy is collapsing. please see the game if you dont believe
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