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Community Manager
19 May 2017
United States
PostedJun 20, 2017 4:34 pm

[CM] iArches

Community Manager EN!
Soulkeepers from near and far,

My name is iArches, and I will be responsible for the English Version of Echo of Soul as a Community Manager. This means I'm here for you, to listen to your problems and feedback and have a grand time with all of you!

I used to play Echo of Souls way back when it was in Closed Beta, which feels much longer than it actually has been! I have managed another MMORPG and currently manage one other game. My communities quickly become my family, I don't believe Echo of Souls will be an exception of this.

In my free-time I enjoy baking for friends and family, playing video games and - believe it or not - feed ducks at the park! I look forward to getting to knowing you all better.

CM iArches
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