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03 Dec 2014
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PostedMay 19, 2017 9:31 am

Weekly Mainentance Events

Hey Coggers!

This week isn't too bad from COG:). Definitely the mount feeding with potions and spirit packs are the best. I cultivated mounts today and yes, did receive multipliers; up to one hundred increase of attributes for advanced mount potion! Do your dungeons, a good opportunity for spirit packs.
Also, that arena gift is for every 5 wins! I got 4 packs today! Take an opportunity to work w/ others and after your wins, lower your arena for others (everyone knows who are the top players, help others on your server). Take advantage of the better opportunities this week and have fun!

And remember, if you have VIP, you can still claim the daily gift in that window.

GS Hammer
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