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27 Sep 2012
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PostedMay 12, 2017 5:13 pm

Recover a Lost Account (HELP)

Link to change password does not work
I sent in a ticket 2 days ago (not using this account, I was signed out) to recover my main account I hadn't used for 3 years. They gave me a reply and unsuspended my account with a link to change my password as I had forgotten the password to the email linked to the account (therefore unable to request for a password change). However the link lead me to a page that says "the page you are looking for is not available" and I had made sure I wasn't logged onto any accounts.

I've sent in another ticket and input a different new email stating my situation as I realised that the new email I provided for the previous ticket was linked to this account. However, I then changed the linked email to this account to see if the given link for the password change in the reply would work, but it didn't. Im at a loss right now can anyone help my ticket is (RT)#15221069 for the first ticket and the other one I sent with a different new email is (RT)#15222687
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