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Samurai(Ronin) Guide to PvE

by: Zenoah
Samurai (RONIN) Guide to PVE

IGN : i5
GUILD : DarkLight

Having hard time in class selection? You’ll probably choose Ronin after reading this guide.

Ronin is a 2nd job of samurai that use Katana. You can unlock specialization once you finish level 31 Main Quest. Actually there are two classes you can choose with SAMURAI (Ronin and Shadowguard). These classes can be OP (Over Powered) in both PVE and PVP depends on the character build and on how you play the class. In this Guide I will share my current build in PVE in my Ronin. I can’t show you the guide for PVP Ronin because I rarely play PVP but I will make a Guide for PVP Ronin once I have a spare time. Hope you’ll appreciate it ^_^


[Stats Allocation

Investing your stat points to full ATK and the rest CRIT will boost your damage in PVE. More attack means more damage, crit will increase your chance of critical hits and damage done by critical hits depends in your CRIT DMG. If you max your CRIT DMG to 200% the damage done by critical hit is big. So why not full crit and the rest atk? Crit will just increase your crit chance having 80% is enough to make your attacks to be a critical hits while ATK is the primary factor in your damage so more ATK stats = more damage. If your crit is at 80% already before investing stat points you can invest your remaining points to HP that will give you an extra HP, so full ATK and the rest HP is not bad either.


This is Primeval: Hellspine (katana) a primary weapon for Ronin. As a Ronin this will be your primary weapon don’t ever use Twin Halberds or else you will not be satisfied in your damage.
As you can see there is a Level Requirement and Hunter Level Requirement to use this weapon. Make sure you meet those requirements to use this weapon. Every weapon can be refine up to 130% more percent means more base stats for the weapon or gears. The lowest status for gears and weapons is 101%.

You can put enchantment to your weapon: ATK + 2%, CRIT +4% and Damage to Humanoids +5%.

I evolved my Katana to 8 stars so in every attack that hits the target I gain back lost HP what I mean is all of your attack will be converted to healing (LIFESTEAL). Evolve your weapon to 10 stars if you want more bonus stats. Ronin is one of the most OP class in the game because of their LIFESTEAL.

There is better weapon once you reach Level 60 and Hunter Level 85 it’s called “MYTHIC WEAPON” but “Primeval” can still applicable in higher level dungeons. If you Mythic then it will give you more stats and can wear higher level dragocites.


Primeval Dragocite of Retribution
Your attacks have the chance to trigger Holy Retribution

Inflicts Arcane Damage

This dragocite is the most OP cite in PvE when this cite procs you can see green cross on the ground that deals burst damage on your surrounding enemies.

This cite can be obtain through opening daily reward boxes (Daily Event Gold Prize and Daily Event Silver Prize).

Envoliok’s Crimson Dragocite
Your attacks have a chance to trigger Nether Cage. Inflicts Fire DMG.

This cite is the most OP cite in the game it deals around 80% fire damage to the target and deduct -30% movespeed to the target.
This cite can be obtain through killing the Guild Boss in your Guild lodge.

Esh-Baal’s Radiant Dragocite
Your attacks have a chance of triggering Flamethrower.
Inflicts Fire DMG.

The effect of this cite when proc is firing a Fireball in straight forward effect.
This cite can be obtain in Stygian Core (Party-Hard).


Most PVE player in MMORPG will probably choose an armors for damage dealing rather than armors for tanking attacks. What’s the point of being tank in a dungeon if you can’t deal a big damage right? There are three types of armors in the game CLOTH, LEATHER and PLATE. A Ronin can wear two types of armors Leather and Plate. LEATHER SET gives + All Res%, + Crit % and + bonus damage on 7th star while PLATE SET gives +DEF%, +HP% and –damage taken on 7th star. Looking at their base attributes will make you think that it’s obvious. Yes it’s obvious! If you want a damage dealing armor you’ll probably choose a Leather Set. What’s the point of having too much HP and Def if your damage is low? -_- Now that you selected your armors for PvE you must evolve your Leather Set up to 8 stars to deal enough damage to mobs and bosses. You can make your leather set to 10 stars if you want more stats (optional) but 8 stars leather set is enough you can solo all party dungeons in the game with it.

NOTE: Head and Chest is a SET; Waist, Gloves and Feet is a SET. Each Set has its own set effect you will notice it inside the game.



Putting enchants to your gears, weapons and accessories will add specific stats to your character once you equipped your enchanted gears and weapons. There are many available enchantments that can be obtained from AP Shop and Loyalty Shop.
These are the list of enchantments that are useful in PVE ARMORS and PVE ACCESSORIES.

Description Effect

* Special Enchantment – Head: Boss Slayer = DMG to Bosses and Elites +3%
*Rare Enchantment – Head: DMG Block = DMG Taken -2%

*Special Enchantment – Chest: HP = Max HP +1224
*Rare Enchantment – Chest: HP = Max HP +6%

*Rare Enchantment – Waist: CRIT DMG = CRIT DMG +3%
*Rare Enchantment – Waist: All Stats = All Stats +1%

*Special Enchantment – Hands: Arcane DMG = Your attacks have a chance of dealing additional Arcane DMG equal to 5% of your attack.
*Special Enchantment – Hands: Fire DMG = Your attacks have a chance of dealing additional Fire DMG equal to 5% of your attack.
*Special Enchantment – Hands: Ice DMG = Your attacks have a chance of dealing additional Ice DMG equal to 5% of your attack.
*Special Enchant – Hands: Lightning DMG = Your attacks have a chance of dealing additional Lightning DMG equal to 5% of your attack.
*Rare Enchantment – Hands: ATK = Attack +2%

*Special Enchantment – Feet: Move SPD = Move SPD +5%
* Rare Enchantment – Feet: All Res (Bound) = All Resistance +2%
* Rare Enchantment – Feet: ATK SPD = Attack speed +25

*Special Enchantment – Neck: ATK = Attack +116

*Special Enchantment – Back: HP = Max HP + 1224

*Special Enchantment – Trinket: PEN = PEN +58


Increases ATK by 24% of DEF
This is effective neck accessory it can boost up your attack depending on your DEF. This can be evolve up to 2 stars (atm). If you don't have this neck accessory you can use other neck accessory with the same effect e.g(Increase Attack by 22% of DEF).
It can be drop in Level 60 dungeon in VOLCAZAR.

Description: Increases attack by 2% of Max HP.
This will boost your attack once equipped depending on your HP.
It can be drop in Level 35 TinderSmoke Uplands (Molten King) .

Description: Increases attack by 13% of crit.
This accessory helps a lot in boosting your attacks depending on your Crit.
It can be drop in Level 60 dungeon in VOLCAZAR.

Description:Damage to Bosses +8%.
This trinket will be your permanent trinket in PvE make sure you will put is at the bottom so if you will switch your 1st trinket the last trinket will not be change .
It can be drop in all level 60+ dungeons.

These will be your switching trinkets. You will switch trinket depends on what kind of dragomon is your target. If your target is a Drakemon then switch to Blindfolds Slayer Trinket and so on and so forth...

... BUT, if your target is none of those types of dragomons you can use this trinket in alternative of those three trinkets Molten Heart. It adds 5% damage to Bosses when equipped.


Ancient Dragocite of Brawn
Description: Your attacks have a chance of increasing your damage to 100% for 5 secs.
Damage to Elites and Bosses +5%.
This head cite will a lot in PVE because of its effect and extra effect of "Damage to Elites and Bosses +5%". Most of the OP cites for PVE are Primeval and Ancient dragocites. If you dont have this kind of cite you can use "Hammerdactyl Dragocite" they have the same effect but hammerdactyl don't have an extra effect.

Ancient Dragocite of Desperation
Description: When attacked, you have a chance to deal 150% DMG to surrounding enemies.
Damage to Elites and Bosses +3%
Given the set effect of the Chest cite it's very suitable in all melee class specially RONIN.

In case you don't have that cite you can use this cite :
Primordiant's Dragocite
Description: When attacked, you have a chance to obtain a powerful shield that blocks certain damage for 10 secs.
This cite us usable in both PVE and PVP. when it procs you can gain -50% damage reduction for 10 secs.


Falcon Skullcrack Dragocite
Description: CRIT DMG +30%
This cite will give you +30% cdmg when equipped .
It can be obtain from Faction Shop.

Rainicorn Dragocite
Description: Max HP +10%.
If you are satisfied with your attack and damage you can use this cite to boost your HP.

Primeval Dragocite of Power
Attack +7%.
Allstats +1%

This cite will greatly increase your attack and at the same time add 1% for all stats when equipped.
It can be obtain from opening Daily Event Gold prize and Daily Event Silver Prize Boxes.


Stoneray's Dragocite
Your attacks have the chance of triggering meteors. Inflicts Physical DMG
This cite hurts in both PVE and PVP.

Ancient Dragocite of Wind(OPTIONAL)
Description: Yours attacks have the chance to trigger Cyclone.
Damage to Elite and Bosses +5%
Inflicts Physical damage.
This can be good if you have Meteors inflicting damage on your chest outfit. Base on my own experienced a boss receives a big damage when a Meteor and a Cyclone procs together with Astral Quake.. It seems like boss is debuff with -50% DEF .

Managleam Dragocite
Your attacks have a chance to increase your ATK by 1% and ATK SPD by 10 for 6 sec. Stacks up to 6 times.
This feet cite is the best for me in terms of PVE because once you started attacking the proc of this cite is unlimited if you don't stop attacking.
Well other uses Spin O' Whips Dragocite which is not bad either.


Cosmic Warrior (M)
ATK +3%; Your attack have a chance to trigger Astral Quake.
Inflicts Arcane DMG.
This is the best headwear for me . It's OP n both PVE and PVP. Most of the players are using this kind of headwear.

Fire Envoy Headwear (M) (OPTIONAL)
Allstats +1%; Esh-Baal's Lustrous Dragocite. Your attack have a chance of triggering Comet Fire.
Inflicts Physical DMG.
This Headwear is optional the effect is good but Cosmic Warrior is still the best.

Evolved Ronin Outfit (M) (COMMON)
Allstats +1%; Sea Scourge Dragocite. Your attacks have a chance of triggering Cyclone.
Inflicts Physical DMG.\

Bloodwing Outfit (M) (RARE)
All Stats +1% DMG +2%; Stoneray's Dragocite. Your attacks have a chance of triggering Meteors.
Inflicts Physical DMG.

I know you are wondering which Chest Outfit is better. Okay ! Just keep this in mind . Astral Quake + cyclone + Meteor can debuff a target -50% DEF . So it's your choice to choose which one you will use ..
If you have Ancient Dragocite of Wind on Hands dragocite then put Bloodwing as your Chest Outfit. Or if you have Stoneray's Dragocite in hands then put Evolved Ronin as your Chest Outfit .. That will keep your build in Balance State.


*3 stars for Sharpened Blade / Range of this skill +3m;ATK +3%

*2 stars for Gale Force / CRIT DMG +10% for 6 sec
*5 stars for Blade Master / Increase CRIT by 16% of ATK for 6 sec
NOTE: You can make 2 stars for Combat Readiness instead of Gal Force if your CRIT DMG is 200% already.

*5 stars for Unwavering Resolve / ATK +5% and CRIT DMG Taken -30% shile this skill is active.
*2 stars for Tunnel Vision / Pen +5% while this skill is active.
NOTE: You can make the Champion's Potential to 2 stars instead of Tunnel Vision ..(Thats's if you want a HP BUFF)

*2 stars for Galecaller / Cooldown of this skill -8%; Max HP +2%

*5 star Brutal Efficiency / Cooldown of this skill -40%; CRIT +10%
*2 star Headwind / Skill's slow duration +1.4 sec; Caster is healed for 2% of this Skill;s DMG.

NOTE: Annihilation is the primary and most deadly skill in the game. That's why the cooldown is set to maximum mastery so you can use it every 7 sec. and 2 stars for LIFESTEAL to gain the lost HP in a dungeon .


NOTE: GET ALL THE "-Crit Damage Taken" to the Top and if you got all the "-Crit damage Taken Talents" you are free to choose what talents you will get. Laughing


First is you have to hold your basic skill (Key 1) and let it reach the third wave of the basic attack . This will give you an extra DMG buff +20% and ; ATK SPEED +6% for 6 sec(2nd wave). On the third wave of basic attack you can have a +CRIT DMG 30% for 6 sec. Basically, before attacking a target do these combo first to increase your dmg for the next 6 secs.

After that cast the CYCLONE SLASH to increase your CRIT by 16% of your attack in the next 6 secs(the great effect of this skill rather than giving you an extra crit is that it inflicts UPLIFTED EFFECT on the target).

Next is cast your Most Deadly Skill ANNIHILATION, this skill deal a super huge damage on the target and at the same time converts your damage into healing .. So you can call it a a dangerous skill with a LIFESTEAL.

After casting Annihilation cast the MOONQUAKE, this is your secondary AOE SKILL next to ANNIHILATION.

After casting MOONQUAKE SKILL you can cast a 1 or 2 more skills that haven;t been use . Basically after casting an extra skill Reset the combo from the BASIC SKILL to MOONQUAKE . This chain attack will let you SOLO all Party Dungeons in the game. I Guarantee it . Just follow those chain attack combos.



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PostedMar 14, 2017 6:16 am
This guide helps a lot .thanks Smile


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PostedMar 15, 2017 3:43 am
heh,ofc the samurais are the most OP,everyone picks them anyway Wink


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03 Apr 2017
PostedApr 11, 2017 5:38 am
i am not using ap so how can i upgrade it to 8 star?
Can i reset my skill mastery?
please reply


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PostedApr 11, 2017 5:41 am
maroicnedebo wrote:
i am not using ap so how can i upgrade it to 8 star?
Can i reset my skill mastery?
please reply  

You can get 8* in FF or buy it.
For the skill mastery, yes. There should be a reset button running along the bottom of the skill window.


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PostedApr 11, 2017 6:26 am
There are many ways to upgrade to 8 stars .. The most common one is to PLay FF when evolution gems are present. To play FF(Falcon Fortune) you need FF gems to play, FF gems can be buy from AP SHop and Loyalty Shop(under Weekly Limit) or buy FF Gems from player using golds and last Fill your Archive atleast 50% each to get 100-150 FF gems as reward. Archive can be found at the lower right corner of the screen(CHEST ICON).

Or you can buy Evolution gems using your golds or trade your items to their Evolution gems


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PostedApr 11, 2017 7:37 am
its so hard to get 50% in archive that i dont use ap
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