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19 Dec 2009
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PostedNov 12, 2016 11:52 am

[Info] Useful Guides and Links Index!

~ Important stuff ~
Hello Demon Slayer Community!

Check out this awesome index! Here you will be able to find ALL the useful information and answers to frequently asked questions!

Have fun!

Aeria Games is not responsible for any player-made guides linked to in this index.
Use them at your own leisure, and note that Aeria Games is not responsible for
any misinformation on player-made posts.

General Aeria
- Terms of Service of Aeria Games
- [Info] Terms of Service Explained
- Software End User Agreement
- Billing FAQ
- [Guide] How do I buy AP?
- Banned Account(s) FAQ
- General Safety Guidelines
- Inappropriate Language / Filter-Dodging
- [Browser] GM and GS List
- How can I become a Game Sage?
- [Important] Browser Quick Fix
- How to Update your Video Drivers
- How to take and upload a Screenshot
- How to report a player

- Ticket System Explained
- Contact Us
- Ban Appeal
- Recover a Lost Account
- Billing Inquiries
- My Tickets
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