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[Browser] GM and GS List

~ Meet the Aeria Browser Team ~

Product Managers:

PC Carter

Game Masters:

What is a Game Master?

Game Masters are Aeria Games employees. These individuals answer your support tickets, run fun events for you, assist you with AP, and help you with in-game and player issues, and are generally around to offer multifaceted support for the game. Game Masters also test bugs, content, and forward information to the developers. In partnered games, Game Masters may have limited ability, and in-game support may be handled by the partner instead.

The fastest way to get a hold of a GM is to send a support ticket HERE.

Game Masters DO NOT fix bugs, fix coding, change game content, or otherwise improve/modify game content. For all of the above, we must contact our developers for assistance. Aeria is a Publisher, not a Developer.

Game Sages:

DDTank - Helios
IGN: (GS)Haruuchan

Wartune - S5
IGN: Darkarrow

Crystal Saga - S1 & S4
IGN: GSVyxen (S1) & Vyxenia (S4)

What is a Game Sage?

A Game Sage is a community volunteer. Game Sages are normal players, not Aeria Employees, and do not have any special powers or abilities. They are your bridge between players and Game Masters. Game Sages can help mediate issues in-game, help test bugs, and are generally good individuals to go to for advice on game play and for questions. Game Sages assist Game Masters by helping maintain game rules and our Terms of Service, as well as by reporting players who may be disruptive.

Game Sages DO NOT ban players, reprimand players, fix bugs, have any special powers.

Also please remember that a GM/GS will NEVER ask for your password.
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