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Patch Note (06/10/2015) - Episode 8

Full Patch Notes

Hello Shaiyans,

We proudly present the full patch notes for the Episode 8.1 update (that will be applied on the SYOS live server on 10th June 2015). More changes are coming in future updates, so stay tuned!

Summary (you can use Ctrl+F and enter for example "IV)" to find more easily the topic of your choice)

I) Crafting Systems
II) Full Review of Enchant System
III) Compensation for Enchant Materials & Power/Defense Lapisia
IV) Skill Review
V) Implementation of Transformation System
VI) Drops
VII) Gear Merchants in Proelium
VIII) User Interface Overhaul
IX) Graphics
X) Experience Rates, Quests and Miscellaneous
XI) Translation and Localization

I) Crafting Systems


  • Linking/Extraction features can now be found directly in the inventory (shortcut "i"). Blacksmiths no longer offer the option to link/extract Lapis.
  • Instructions will be displayed upon opening the linking/extraction interface.
  • If you have multiple Lapis in your inventory, only those which can be linked to a piece of gear will be displayed (after you place the selected gear into the interface).
  • Linking Hammers in your inventory which are eligible for a given linking process will also be displayed in a special window.
  • Lapis can be grouped in stacks of up to 255 in order to save inventory space (on account of its high drop rate on many maps).


  • The Enchant feature can now be found directly in the inventory (shortcut "i"). Blacksmiths no longer offer the option to enchant gear.
  • Instructions will be displayed upon opening the Enchant interface.
  • Assault/Protector's Lapisia (previously known as Weapon/Armor Lapisia) can be grouped in stacks of up to 255 in order to save inventory space (on account of its high drop rate on many maps).
    (More details about the Enchant system can be found in Section II: Full Review of Enchant System).


  • The Recreation feature can now be found directly in the inventory (shortcut "i"). The Professional Blacksmith no longer offers the option to recreate gear.
  • Instructions will be displayed upon opening the Recreation interface.
  • When placing a piece of gear in the interface, you will see the maximum orange stats available for that piece of gear (based on Recreation Runes). With Premium Recreation Runes, you can double the stat values (except HP/SP/MP).
    Note: Not all stats can be maxed simultaneously.
  • If you want to use Recreation Runes and Vials to create Premium Recreation Runes, you’ll need to visit the Professional Blacksmith at the Auction House (coordinates x=52, z=44).
  • The option "Absolute" will apply to a new Absolute Recreation Rune to be released at a future date. Please note that Absolute Recreation Runes are not superior to Premium Recreation Runes (Recreation Rune < Absolute Recreation Rune < Premium Recreation Rune). More details will be provided when Absolute Recreation Runes are introduced.

II) Full Review of Enchant System

  • To simplify the enchantment process, Enchant Materials will no longer be required.
  • As a consequence, Enchant Materials will no longer drop in-game (some items may still remain as drops for selected bosses).
  • Players will be compensated for the loss of certain valuable Enchant Materials (such as Tiamat's Flame). For more details, please see Section III: Compensation for Enchant Materials & Power/Defense Lapisia.
  • Gold fees for enchanting will be reviewed and adjusted (lower at lower levels, higher at higher levels).
  • The overall Enchant Success Rate will be increased, making it much easier to reach at least level 12.
  • A damage reduction bonus will be applied to enchanted pieces of gear. This bonus will be displayed below the absorption value, which will remain unchanged.
  • A visual effect below your character will indicate that a given piece of gear has reached a certain level of enchantment.
  • Due to the new Enchant system, the item "Enchant Enhancer" will be disabled in episode 8 and deleted from the server.
  • Using any Lapisia (except Perfect Lapisia) to enchant an item will no longer break your gear if enchantment fails. Instead, it will merely downgrade your gear by one level.
  • Use a [SP] Lapisia Lucky Charm or Safety Enhance Scroll to prevent item downgrade when enchant fails.
  • Assault/Protector's Lapisia can be grouped in stacks of up to 255 in order to save inventory space (on account of its high drop rate on many maps).

III) Compensation for Enchant Materials & Power/Defense Lapisia

The loss of the following items will be compensated during the episode 8 update (based on the given item’s AP value):

  • Jeharr's Gem will be replaced with a Perfect Weapon Lapisia Box Lv2.
  • Tiamat's Flame will be replaced with a Perfect Weapon Lapisia Box Lv3.
  • Dimension Gate Orb, Ancient Rift Fragment, Mysterious Rift Dust, Mystical Essence, Mors Fragment, Threemas Trace, Secret of Life, Chimera Claw, Threemas Heart, and Magic Bandage will each be replaced with a Recreation Rune.
  • Power Lapisia will be replaced with a Weapon Lapisia Package (contains an Assault Lapisia and a Safety Enhance Scroll).
  • Defense Lapisia will be replaced with an Armor Lapisia Package (contains a Protector's Lapisia and a Safety Enhance Scroll).
  • Safety Enhance Scroll is currently not tradable and character-bound (will be modified in a future patch so that it becomes tradable).

IV) Skill Review

  • A full Skill Review will be applied in the update, including deletion of and adjustments to existing skills, as well as the addition of new skills. Full list of skills available here: Episode 8 Skill List
  • Some skills that provided an attack boost while using specific weapons will no longer be available for some classes (in particular Fighters/Warriors, Defenders/Guardians, Mages/Pagans and Priests/Oracles).
  • Fighters/Warriors will need to use One-Handed Swords/Axes, Two-Handed Swords/Axes, Double Swords, Dual-Wield Axes or Spears in order to use attack skills. Using blunt weapons will only enable you to use basic buff skills.
  • Defenders/Guardians will need to use One-Handed or Two-Handed Blunt Weapons in order to use attack skills. Using any other weapon type will only enable you to use basic buff skills.
  • Maxed skills will now be more powerful.
  • It will now require 12 points to learn the most powerful skills for each class.
  • The attack power of normal skills has been adjusted.
  • Skill cooldown time has been reduced.
  • Skill casting time has been reduced.
  • Abnormal condition duration has been shortened.
  • Stat allocation is now subject to diminishing returns. This means, for example, that adding 1 STR point when you have 50 STR will be more valuable than adding 1 STR point when you have 500 STR.
  • All bags in the inventory will be unlocked at the beginning of the game (Backpack Upgrade skill has been removed).
  • All characters will have the skills “Interpretation Lv1” and “Relax Body” by default (existing characters may have Interpretation Lv3 already learned, but will go back to Interpretation Lv1 if they use a Skill Reset Stone).
  • “Town Portal” will now be a common skill.
  • The total number of available skills has been reduced by deleting duplicates. For example, Defenders/Guardians will not have as many invincibility skills (in order to balance the different classes).
  • As part of the skill review, all skills will be reset and skill points given back to your character based on its level/mode. This will have the same effect as using a Skill Reset Stone.

V) Implementation of Transformation System

  • Transformation is a new skill that can be learned at level 15 and doesn't cost any skill points to use.
  • Lasts for 20 seconds, cooldown of 5 minutes (cooldown pauses when you log out and resumes when you log back in).
  • Transformation gives your character a different appearance for a limited period of time.
  • Available for all classes. Grants a power boost for a short period of time, making it ideal for turning the tide of battle. Can be used to kill difficult enemies or get an HP boost in dire situations.
  • Stat bonus is based on your level and class (temporary bonus to HP and class-specific stat, such as LUC for Rangers/Assassins).
  • Some classes have additional bonuses; for example, transformed Priests/Oracles can’t be interrupted when casting.
  • Feedback will be gathered after the system has been implemented.

VI) New Drops

  • Many kinds of Lapis/Lapisia/Recreation Runes will now drop on the main PvE/PvP maps (excluding dungeons). Higher-level monsters have a higher chance of dropping Rare Lapis.
  • Drops in the Canyon of Greed have been updated so that Crests of Rectitude and Crests of Deceit can be obtained from regular monsters on the map.
  • Opalus’ drops in the Canyon of Greed have been reviewed. The boss now drops 10 Crests of Deceit instead of 1, but still has a chance to drop level 80 capes.
  • When rare items drop, a purple lighting effect will indicate the location of a rare item drop, which will also be marked by an icon on the mini-map. The effect lasts for 30 seconds after the item is dropped. Only the player who caused the item to drop can see the effect.
  • If you cause a rare item drop while in a party with loot mode set to random, the visual effect will be displayed for all members simultaneously. All party members have a right to claim the item.
    Once the rare item is claimed (or after 30 seconds elapses), the visual effect and mini-map marker will disappear.
  • New Luminous gear will drop in-game and is marginally better than Bright or Effulgent Gear. Players with Bright gear will still be competitive.

Luminous Gloves

  • You can buy a Light Luminous Square for 100,000,000 gold from NPC Puko Harriot in Keolloseu (coordinates x=992, z=817).
  • You can buy a Fury Luminous Square for 100,000,000 gold from NPC Sei Dearna in Gliter (coordinates x=919, z=1065).
  • You can use either of these squares to craft Luminous Gloves (Lv80). You’ll need 4x Silver Medal (5) and 11x Gold Medal (5) in order to attempt crafting. Both medals can be obtained in the Canyon of Greed, but you’ll have to choose between redeeming them for kills and taking a chance at getting those shiny new gloves.
  • Remember, you need 1 Luminous Square per attempt.
  • You can spend gold to increase your chances of success (100 million gold for a 1% increase; max. 5% increase). You can also use Chaos Crafting Hammers (5% increase) or Infinite Crafting Hammers (10% increase).

Luminous Leggings

  • Luminous Leggings are available as a rare drop in Pantanasa and Theodores. If you farm leggings on your faction’s map, you can obtain any Luminous Leggings (Light or Fury), as well as other newly-introduced Rare Lapis.
  • However, if you farm leggings on an enemy faction’s map, the drop rate will be doubled to make up for the Curse of the Goddess and other risks.
  • Are you brave enough to invade the opposite faction's territory for a better chance at obtaining Luminous Leggings?

Luminous Boots

  • A new boss "Luminous Brigand" appears in Kanos Illium. This boss cannot be taken down with a simple frontal assault; you’ll need to strategize.
  • Once defeated, the boss will always drop a Luminous Box. The box contains either one pair of Luminous Boots (one of the 12 pairs of boots at random) or a number of Crests of Deceit/Chaos Plate Fragments.
  • The boss’s respawn time is random; you’ll need to monitor the map closely if you want to get those boots! To make it fair for everyone, the boss will not respawn directly after each maintenance. You will have to wait a few minutes/hours until it appears.
  • If you don’t feel ready for the stresses of PvP or you’re in a more casual guild, we want to give you a different way to obtain Luminous Boots. The Luminous Brigand will appear on the GRB map, so each guild will have a weekly chance to confront him. Even Lv15 and Lv30 characters will be able to help in killing the boss (every little bit counts)!
    However, it takes some time to bring him down. Will you give up GRB points for the possibility of getting Luminous boots to drop, or will you save your position in the rankings and focus on the boss in Kanos Illium? The choice is yours!
  • Remember, the Luminous Brigand is available only once per week in the GRB, but several times per day (randomly) in Kanos Illium.

Important information regarding Luminous Gear

  • You cannot redeem Luminous gear with item of choice (you will have to drop them in-game or trade with other players).
  • Currently, you cannot use Rec Doubler or Max OJ services on the new Luminous gear (gear recreated with Premium Runes will be better than Effulgent gear recreated with Max OJ).
  • Depending upon your progress with the gear, ways of introducing the Helmet and Upper Armor will be decided upon.

VII) Gear Merchants in Proelium

  • Alliance of Light: Go to (x=762, z=833) to find 3 merchant NPCs who will give you access to exclusive gear.
  • Union of Fury: Go to (x=165, z=229) to find 3 merchant NPCs who will give you access to exclusive gear.
    -- Ekori: Sells Worship weapons for 10,000,000 gold per item.
    -- Emily: Sells Worship armor for 10,000,000 gold per item (including helmets).
    -- Adri: Sells Darkness Accessories for 10,000,000 gold per item and Mighty Darkness Accessories for 50,000,000 gold per item.
  • Gear Merchants are available on other PvP maps but don't sell anything at the moment. Based on feedback, we can consider adding gear/accessories for them to sell.

VIII) User Interface Overhaul

  • New login screen and loading screens have been implemented.
  • Character creation screen has been revamped.
  • It is now possible to change your character’s appearance and preview late-gate equipment from the selection screen.
  • New interface display elements when your character levels up or dies.
  • Server announcements are now displayed in a more user-friendly way (scrolling message instead of block of text).
  • Improvements have been made to the existing user interface (font, PvP ranks, party functions, new icons for debuff effects, and so on).
  • User-determined custom stat point assignments (instead of pre-determined, class-based stat point assignments).
  • New quick icons for item shop, skills, inventory, community, and basic actions.
  • New quick icon button to enter different level-based PvP areas (including Deep Desert 1 - Goddess PvP Lv60).
  • Skill window has been rearranged to display skills in 4 main categories (Basic, Buff, Single, Range). In order to provide a better overview of your skill tree and allow you to plan ahead, you can now view skills that aren’t yet learnable.
  • For ease of use, crafting features (linking, enchanting, recreation) and selling options will be available directly from the inventory.
  • Chat tabs can be customized so that you can filter selected chat/system messages.

IX) Graphics

  • New character animations for running/swimming.
  • Some characters have new riding positions while mounted.
  • The two factions’ first maps (Ereumana and Reikeuseu) have been modified to reflect the Iron Invasion. Elements on the maps have been adjusted accordingly; all Light characters start in Beika and all Fury characters start in Aridon.
  • The main city of Reikeuseu, Gliter, has been completely updated. Other cities also benefit from texture upgrades.
  • A day/night cycle has been implemented (based on server time).

X) Experience Rates, Quests and Miscellaneous

  • New tutorial quests to instruct beginners in the use of crafting systems. These quests provide character-bound crafting materials as well as time-limited pets/costumes.
  • Introduction of new side quests, including dungeon quests for beginners and teleportation quests near the portals of Ereumana/Willieoseu/Adeurian and Reikeuseu/Keuraijen/Adellia.
  • Removal of some quests due to map and quest path updates, especially on the maps Ereumana and Reikeuseu.
  • Some quests can no longer be completed because certain monsters and/or items have been removed from the game. Please abandon any such quest; as mentioned previously, other quests which grant experience and gold will be available.
  • All experience has been removed from Infinite Sanctuary. Monster drops in the dungeon will be adjusted slightly through the addition of Assault/Protector's Lapisia and Recreation Runes.
  • Upon reaching Lv20, Lv40, Lv60 and Lv80, an interface will appear to indicate the direction of the next map.
  • Novice Packages will available up to Lv80 (at Lv31, Lv41, Lv51, Lv60, Lv70, Lv75, Lv79 and Lv80). This should provide players with some basic gear while leveling up on maps; you can still farm gear if you want to obtain more powerful items.
  • Regional Teleport Scrolls will now allow you to select your teleport destination (you will be teleported to a city on the selected map). You no longer need to have individual scrolls for each map!
  • Selling price of level 58 UM mounts has been lowered from 50,000,000 gold to 10,000 gold, due to the fact that such mounts will be available in Novice Packages Lv80.
  • Updated Free Loot Box for Episode 8 (available through Aeria Ignite).

XI) Translation and Localization

  • The translations of many system messages (displayed above the chat window) have been corrected or otherwise improved.
  • "Area" channel has been renamed "Map" channel.
  • "Trade" channel has been renamed "World" channel.

Known Issues

  • The skill "Surge Choir Lv5" for Priests/Oracles doesn't have a name/description. Please refer to the Episode 8 Skill List for the details.
  • Some skill descriptions can be a bit confusing and will be updated later on.
  • Some elements in the User Interface can be displayed out of their frame.
  • [SP] Lapisia Lucky Charm and Safety Enhance Scrolls are currently NT. They will be made tradable in a future patch (as soon as possible) so that you can trade them between players (as they are supposed to be tradable).
  • The linking/extraction rate is currently not displayed. This will be fixed in an emergency patch (but rates are the same as before and have not been modified).
  • If some players didn't log out in a safe area (and stayed close to Aelbeageu/Suteron, they will be in the Vueltas District. If this happens, get as close as possible to the main city (Keolloseu/Gliter) and use the teleportation skill (or the command "/town" to reappear in that city and escape the invasion.

We hope you enjoy the changes to the game, and we look forward to hearing what you think about the new episode. Over the next few weeks, we will be gathering feedback regarding all the contents of the update, including the transformation system, the skill review and possible bugs in order to make necessary adjustments and modifications thereafter.

Therefore, the update will be adapted according to your valuable feedback. We will let you discover the new episode for a few days and then open up polls and forms to hear what you would like to see changed so that we can discuss the suggestions with the developers.


Your Shaiya GM Team


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PostedJun 10, 2015 7:47 am

As already mentioned by GM_Skudy he discussed with PM_Charybdis the possibility to add Skill / Stat reset NPCs.

Unfortunately the Skill Reset NPCs are broken Sad Therefore we can only offer the Stat Reset NPCs.

However, when you login the first time you'll see, that your skill points have been reseted automatically and you can redistribute them.

You will find them in Apulune

And Iris

They will be there for you for 2 weeks.

You can only use them 3 times per character - if you already used them too many times in the past they will not work for you anymore.

The "Battle Instructors" have some ??? (see below)

But don't be deterred - the "Stat Manage" Button is working Wink

Have fun and enjoy the New Episode.

- Team Shaiya
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