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23 Sep 2013
PostedMay 11, 2015 11:04 am

[Closed] Community Feedback!

We received a lot of great applications from a lot of potential GSs, and we have narrowed the field down a little bit. Now is the time to ask you, the browser players, for feedback about potential GSs!

Note: If your name does not appear here, that doesn't mean you are out of the running! We will be contacting you individually regarding the status of your application over the next week!

Please click on the form below to give us your feedback regarding a specific GS candidate. All feedback will be collected privately. Please do not discuss your feedback in the forums or in the game: this thread will be locked, and any threads discussing feedback will be deleted.

Give your feedback here: click this!

If you are more comfortable giving feedback in an even more secure setting, please feel free to send us a ticket with the subject: GS Feedback!

We'll be taking feedback from all players until May 17th at 23:59 PST.
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