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29 Jul 2013
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PostedJun 11, 2014 12:42 am

[News] Hyperactive Skills!

The Ultimate Power - New Hyperactive Skills!

This week we bring you a highly anticipated content update! Hyperactive skills! What are Hyperactives? They are the ultimate skill that you can unlock for you character.

How to Obtain Hyperactive Skills
You must have a level 65 character in-game in order to use the skill. You can visit Glave to begin your quest to earn the skills or you can choose to skip the quest and grab it from the ItemMall.

How to Use Hyperactive Skills
Each job class on Elsword has a unique Hyperactive skill. In order to utilize Hyperactives you will need El’s Essence. This can be obtained by opening identified El Shards. Each time you activate your Hyperactive skills you consume 1 El’s Essence.

Not only are they super flashy, they are super destructive! Easily wipe out mobs and do a high amount of damage against Bosses. The cooldown period for Hyperactive skills is 180 seconds but the wait is worth it.

ItemMall Goodies

New costumes for the ItemMall! World Cup Soccer Costumes and Elesis is Battle Ready in her new Nasod Battle Suit.

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