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24 Jul 2011
New Zealand
PostedApr 11, 2014 1:34 pm

What assurances do we get that ....

... assures us the devs/mods are not going to upgrade their own guildies for free like they did on ZQ games?

... the leaderboards for top pvp players are real clients and not mods and devs like on zq games

... accounts that haven't been used for more then 6 weeks is not going to be given away to new players like on ZQ games

.... assures us that any money we spend on this game is actually going to to our char accounts and that we are not sent ongoing messages saying contact support over and over again.

... Balance between free to play and p2w is drastically adjusted which lead to one of the issues of zq games losing players within the first months of the game release.

... you explain why new servers are being created as I know the devs for the game couldn't be bothered fixing or upgrading old servers so they just created new servers and ignored old servers. No way this game should have more then 2-4 servers as the imbalance is really bad here.

... you allow players to move freely between servers and not have our characters locked to servers. This was another major issue with players on zq. Mass quit.

You guys are the publishers.... It's the devs that worry me. Others maybe new to TLT but its old game with to many issues/bugs/glitches/cheating that is never resolved.

Extremely Repetitive
Extremely repetitive questline

little to no exp from mobs. What exp points they do have is a dismal fail. They don't even make a dent your exp.
Extremely unbalanced
No trading
No auction house
Auto path

Auto combat
Auto exp (dummies) -offline
Mob clusters
Lack of guild housing
Aggressive VIP status
Extremely Overpriced item mall
Limited hourly trade with mineral trader causing inventory to build up and take up allot of room from unsold products.
In your face VIP questsPvP P2Win
Got boring at level 5 for me
Lack of in game help

All chat is a windowprompt, hard to fight mobs with window open
Repeat dungeon runs
Magic lamp quests don’twork most of the time
Lack of information onthe game forums, or instructions are not fully explained
1 silver to sell allfighting gear

Useless dungeon drops
Walking into city ofLight extreme lag due to afk players on training dummies
Lack of help in chat
Only social aspect is within your guild.
Char is too small andgets lost amongst environment and equipped pet
To little bag space
Poor quest rewards

Free pets and mounts offer little in the way of stats. Useless.

Limited char customisation
Instance dungeon rewards extremely poor Extremely low silver rewards.Factions
Event winners are always the same players
Unable to view GM chat in chat, in case you missed you GM prompt. Unable to scroll back and see wut GM announced.
Limited char customization
Useless enchanting, gives low stats points
Unable to delete charaters

Limited classes
Limited races Pet training (should have pet/mount quests to level up pet/mount)
Mineral trader (trade 6 times, changes hourly)
Game population varies at different times. Between english and phillipino. Really noticeable.

Events are aimed at high powered chars and or hide and seek aimed at those already familiar with the game. Nothing for new comers to encourage them to stay in game.

Unable to delete event quests. No option. Get a build up of useless quests in quest bar.

Energy appears different in bag space when it is dragged to UI skill bar. UI bar show total combined energy of the same energy restoration. Example 1760 strength appears in 99 max cap lots. but in the UI bar will show as combined. Causing players like myself to have inadvertently have 2 of the same icons representing energy.

Decomposition for shards makes very little to char status as shards offer little points to char stats.
Take away the graphics what do you have.


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24 Jul 2011
New Zealand
PostedApr 11, 2014 10:50 pm

This game is down across the board

.. Aeria games is calling it maintenance

... GBE is calling it updates

Which is it? Did ZQ games finally go bust?
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