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02 Aug 2012
PostedMar 30, 2014 11:26 pm

GM Megane

If you got to pick 2 super powers, which ones would it be?


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22 Jul 2012
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PostedMar 31, 2014 12:19 am
Are you going to be active?


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23 Sep 2013
PostedMar 31, 2014 2:39 am
Woah, so many awesome questions! If only we could answer them all... Thank you for participating!

Starting from now, Pookie and I will pick our ten favorite questions and work on answering them! We'll post our answers in this thread, so you'll be able to see if your question was chosen. Stay tuned for the winning questions!

Thank you, GrilledTurtle!


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29 Jul 2013
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Hullo world!

*Yawnnnn* Hullo everyone! Please find my answers to a few of your questions below. Thanks for your participation, and looking forward to getting to know everyone in the future :3

1. hopeflow asked:
Is there a particular reason that you've chose the name 'Pookie' as your name? c:

I have a nanoblock alpaca and his name is Alpookie the Alpaca, so I stole the name from him ^^

2. Mehdiguemra asked:
let's start with the lazy one/ PM Pookie : What if you receive a work opportunity that can offer a huge amount of money but requires 20 hours of work per day, will you accept it? hahaha

Hey now, koalas sleep 22 hours a day, so I'm already more productive! I would only accept it if I got to eat chocolate cake at least 3x a day.

3. Alaminut asked:
Hey, Pookie a sweat sin you have there. According to you, what is the best way to eat chocolate (melted, as bars, on a slice of bread, etc..)?

Nutella spread on bars of chocolate on top of a chocolate ice cream cake covered in chocolate chips *drools*

4. AdrianG_48731 asked:
@PM_Pookie if you could be a monster in all this fantasy and magical world,which would you choose?

A poring because they're super cute, and if someone insulted me I could just squish them (:<

5. jacobbryant.tay asked:
I see you speak Klingon o.o What is your favorite Sci-fi television show?

Anything with zombies! Also a fan of Doctor Who and Fringe, and just started watching Helix.

6. tenimyu_lover asked:
If you were having a dream that you were in a world that was made of all different types of chocolate and you happily eating a chocolate doorknob but was suddenly woken up by someone, what would be your first reaction?

Double slap! Just kidding.... or am I..

7. Franatic asked:
Pookie if you would be stranded on a Island... and you could only bring one thing that weighs less then 10 Pounds what would it be?

An occupied genie lamp.

*Bonus Question!* Megane if you were to strand pookie on a Island what would you give poor pookie and only one thing less then 10 Pounds?

Megane says: Do I want Pookie to get stuck there? I'd leave her with one of these adorable things. Or maybe a build-your-own-raft kit if I'm feeling generous...

8. CiderMill asked:
If you could have any hair and style you wanted, for example blond curls or peacock feather mohawk, what would you choose?

Marge Simpson hair in rainbow... I would be super tall Very Happy

9. kastrum asked:
Pookie: Now that you are joining the Aeria Browser team, will you still be able to sleep 20 hours a day?

Since I do not want to anger the browser gods, I will do my best to stay awake and do everything in my power to help.

10. Neritti asked:
What do you feel will be the most challenging aspect for you in Browser during your first month or so of getting settled in?

The most challenging part will be overseeing a diverse range of products. Every browser game is unique and I look forward to working with each of them. Super excited to be here, and can't wait to get started! (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ



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23 Sep 2013
PostedApr 01, 2014 7:59 am
It was really difficult to pick questions, but I had a good laugh at a lot of these! So here are my answers (and the winners!)

1. EquinoxBlade asked: If Browser were an assortment of candies, which one would you eat first, and what do you think they would taste like?

Hmm...I'd probably eat the DDtank candy first (it's very colorful!) and I bet it would taste like strawberry pie - very sweet but tasty!

2. FeyLaRoan asked: Who would win a fight between Batman and Superman and why?

Ooh, tough call. Superman is the stronger hero, but I think Batman would probably win the fight; he's a pretty clever guy, is less rigidly honorable than Superman, and he's rich enough to get his hands on some Kryptonite if he really wanted to.

3. LadyCyan asked: Would you rather have to talk like Yoda, or breathe like Darth Vader for the rest of your life?

Talk like Yoda, I choose! Scary, I would be, if like Darth Vader I sounded. Not many friends would I make.

4. Pandaxkawaii asked: What would you do if you had 1 million dollars?

I'd spend a little bit of money to buy a nice new bike! But I would probably give a lot of it to charity. I don't need a lot to make me happy in life, so I'd rather the money went to places where it can do more good Smile

5. mattcoleman1976 asked: Megane, you mentioned you like comics, which is your favorite comic character and why?

Picking a favorite is so difficult! D: Hmm... if I have to pick just one for now, I'll say Spider-Man. He's a huge goofball, but he's also a pretty capable hero and despite the fact that JJJ got most of NYC to hate him, he helps people out and does what's right. He's also got some pretty unusual villains to fight against, which is fun too.

I also love Colossus and Captain America. Picking a favorite is hard...

6. Uilenveld asked: How do you eat coffee, do you chew on your drinks?

I knew I was going to get in trouble for this, so I made a diagram with paint:

The mug is crunchy!

But I do like coffee-flavored things as well as the drinkable coffee! Coffee ice cream, coffee chocolate... yum Smile

7. uchihapoly asked:

Are we talking grizzly bears or gummy bears? This is crucial! Let's assume gummy bears. My answer, in that case, is 400! Good luck on that, Mr. Grylls!

8. velvetywolf asked: I couldn't help but notice your avatar is Chi from Chi's Sweet Home and I must internet-high-five you for it! I love the series. My question for you is: Who is your favorite character from the Chi series? (Aside from Chi - everyone has to love Chi!)

Internet-high-five right back at ya! I think my favorite character besides Chi is the grumpy black cat (I think his name is Kuroi). He makes me laugh!

9. runsinthegenes asked: GM Megane, if you could have any ability or superpower from any work of fiction, what would you choose?

I'd definitely pick something like power over magnetism (like Magneto has) because I could lift cars, stop bullets, and fly.

10. johnnymetsuri asked: Do you like glasses henceforth the name? Megane in japanese is glasses XD

You're right! Megane does mean glasses in Japanese. I wear glasses (and have for a long time) but I like them too. I'm wearing a cool red and silver pair right now c:

Thank you, GrilledTurtle!
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