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[Paid Out] GAUS Alliance War Story

Awesome stories guys! These were a joy to read! Here is our top entry and all participants!

Top entry: EquinoxBlade - Hydra - Ifirit

razylich - Umbrella - Leviathan
songdog - Legacy - Ifirit
Tirofog - Primary - Ifirit
klepto762 - Prime - Ifirit
Otia1967 - WARRIORS - Leviathan
Kidslie - Banshees - Leviathan
nickyvnyc - Crass - Leviathan

Hello dear Golden Age Community!

Think you have one of the best alliances around? Well in this event we want you to create an Alliance War Story! Create a story using your alliance as the subject while referencing different members of your alliance.


End: 12:59 PM PDT - 1/29/2014  


Starts: NOW! - Ends: 1/29/2014

Create an Alliance story using your alliance members and win free rewards!

Be creative, but please keep it PG-13!!!

Follow these directions exactly to be sure you qualify!

1. The objective is to write up a war story about your alliance.
2. You must include in-game references (cities, bosses, other players etc)!
3. Please state what server you are from!
4. Post your story in this posting!!!!

"Only ONE entry per alliance!"
"Rewards are being paid out to the ENTIRE alliance, make it count."



Top Entry Reward:

(1) Golden Metal Chest
(1) Da Vinci's Code
(5) Hero Bronze Skill Book
(5) Hero EXP Collection

Note: The top Entries will be picked by the GM Team!

Participation Reward:

(5) Equipment Fortification Rate (30%)

Participation rewards are being paid out to the ENTIRE alliance, make it count Wink
Good luck!



  • No exceptions for participation outside of the time frame will be given. Sorry!
  • Only ONE entry per alliance!
  • You may not reuse stories or entries from other players or other events
  • You may not use multiple accounts to participate.
  • Must provide your entry before the deadline specified.
  • No cheating or plagiarism allowed.
  • All content must be PG-13.
  • Please allow a minimum of 3-14 business days for payout of your rewards!


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My apologies


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The story of the dookies

alliance: Umbrella ; server: Laviathan
Once upon a time there was a fearsome warrior, BigDookies was his name, people say that his dookies were so big that even the king feared him.

He started out just like any other warrior out there, but something terrible happened. His village in Laurel Creek was raided, hundreds of people were slaughtered, his family - killed before his very own eyes. It changed BigDookies forever, he forgot everything he knew, the only thing that was left in him was endless rage. And so he swore that one day he would get his revenge on whoever was responsible for the attack on his village. He gathered all the men that survived this horrible attack and marched north, visiting every town or village he could find, asking about the attackers, but nobody seemed to know anything.

Years passed and BigDookies was nowhere closer to finding his attacker. Over time he became mad, obsessed with finding the person responsible for the attack on his village. He gathered an army and burned everything in his path, but that didn't go unnoticed. The king was informed of BigDookie's attacks, he hired a skilled assassin, Fergy, to put an end to his madness. Fergy followed BigDookie's trails, he realised that the next place BigDookie's will attack is the town of Razyland in Silver Beach. He managed to get there first, together with his friend IberoGuard. They hid inside the town's administration hall.

A few days later BigDookies with his army has arrived, slaughering everyone in his path the same way the people of his village were slaughtered, but when he got into the administration hall, there were two men with hellhound armor standing in front of him. BigDookies ordered his troops to attack. Fergy and IberoGuard faught back and killed over a dozen men until they reached BigDookies, the rumors say that in the end BigDookies was stabbed by an umbrella, but nobody really knows for sure.

Fergy returned to the king with BigDookies's body, the king was so grateful that he granted him land and funds to build an alliance. He decided that the alliance should be called Umbrella, and so it was.

P.S. Sorry for the second post from our alliance, just pick the one you guys like more.


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PostedJan 23, 2014 2:05 am
Guys, I do not think they can merely pick which one they like more as that would not quite be fair to others. The rules state there can be only ONE entry per alliance. I think you 2 who posted, need to converse and figure out which one is your official entry and edit out the other one. GM or anyone from Aeria picking, can be seen as playing favourites. Gotta keep this fair for all. Smile


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Primary take the Wonder

Alliance War Story
The auguries from the oracle were good, Pythia had blessed the alliance with the virtues of Demeter, giving plentiful grain to feed hungry mouths and allowing the troops to charge forward as if wing-footed.

The initial strike was a complete success, the Theseus brothers under Theseus-Guetorix with their lightning-fast Dragonhawk cavalry had seized control of the Harp Lake fortification. With the path cleared, the Freya sisters with their Rangers, led by Freya-Bof, and the Lambert family, had poured through the teleport gate with their troop in vast numbers. Romeo-Norris, head of the Romeo clan, secured the Laurel Creek fortification, quickly moving on to other conquests as Neil and Ashley-Oberion moved in to provide secure defence with his Wind Whisper Priests and Holy Light Punishers.

The path to the nearest Wonder island was clear. With their cry of “There can be only one”, the Lamberts, under the bloodthirsty Nina, blasted the choke city with spells, arrows and stones as their mages, archers and catapults reduced the city to rubble. For good measure Brennan-Dragginlance lit fires throughout the ruins, leaving a smoking hole where the castle had once stood. By this point other members of the Primary army had arrived, allowing Kristen’s Holy Mages and Pharaoh’s Unicorn Cavalry to strike the poorly defended cities along the path. The gates to the Wonder opened, the troops there welcoming their new masters and knowing they were finally secure, protected by the troops of Primary and the risk of PDsVengeance.


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PostedJan 26, 2014 6:02 pm

Re: [Event] GAUS Alliance War Story

Since the dawn of time man has fought with one another over possessions, wealth and land. Often these battles stretch out for many years and decades and leave countless numbers of people dead; sometimes eliminating whole ancestral blood lines and decimating towns and villages in their path. The land had become so ravaged by bloodshed, all began to think extinction may be a possibility if order wasn’t restored. As peasants and villagers awaited their doom and paid homage to whatever deity they bowed down to, a great decree was sent down from the heavens above that divided the land into 4 territories: Laurel Creek, Silver Beach, Emerald Woods and Harp Lake. The hope was that the division would cause peace to spread.
A great leader, King Stiele, emerged from the Silver Beach territory. As Stiele roamed the land meeting neighbors and making friends, he began to form a great alliance with those willing to keep out injustice and fight for the rights of all. He campaigned across the land, and with the help of his noblest comrades formed ‘Legacy’. An alliance to stand the test of time, to thwart all attacks of the motherland and to help out the less fortunate wherever they reside.
In no time at all Legacy began to grow and gain recognition for their accomplishments, and distain from their foes. Many of the smaller sires loved being helped and those that wanted the power and glory for themselves resented Legacy. Through many years, battle after battle was fought as infidels attempted to remove Stiele from power, but Legacy remained strong. Long time alliance elder Bish would coordinate battle movements to stop invading armies and send requests for reinforcements for defensive strongholds. Many times the city, Legacy Diner, would be the first line of defense to islands fortification. Legacy’s list of highly decorated and diverse officers would take their direction and monitor portions of the map for battles to break out.
Once active, a chain of events precipitated appropriate responses from all the officers to call out to the rest of the Legacy clan for the locations of military needs. Recognition of those officers makes the coordination of battles and combined Legacy resolve insurmountable for the enemy. A mere mention of their names does little justice to uphold the motto of ‘Vigilant and Faithful’ that these officers hold true. However, one would be remiss not to mention them by name: Pops, Frontman, KT, Widowmaker, Lazy MVP, Bowser, Cincinatus, Duke Red Wolf, Saulion, Snowywhite, Killer4fun, Astrid, Oh Mighty One, Aragorn88, Slimezy, Cheesedance, LordScottyB, Phoenixash, Thief and LordofWard. As we respect peoples need to pursue other interests, Legacy’s newest elder, Ryan, has been the alliance mailman. A constant update of activities and actions keeps all players current and able to receive the maximum amount of awards. More seasoned players freely share items and advice with newer players in an effort to make the alliance stronger. All this spearheaded by our postmaster. Regardless of specific roles all the officers play a critical part in leading vast numbers of troops and soldiers into battle and steadying nervous rookies in defense. Under their leadership and tutelage the empire grew to all corners of Sandy Beach making it safe for those who no longer wished to war.
The results were not the same in the other three territories however. The land remained hostile and Kings were overthrown, at times daily. Stiele offered help in the form of establishing a kingdom with the leaders of other alliances to protect their interests as well as keep the riff raff out. After many diplomatic exchanges and wars waged, with heavy losses all around; Harp Lake and Laurel Creek became a safer place to dwell. Peace remained throughout all the land for quite some time. Meanwhile in Emerald Woods trouble was brewing. Several alliances were quietly growing stronger, and with the help on a server merger, managed to grow strong enough to test the waters.
Attacks were initiated in the other three territories by their most powerful generals, leaving the smaller recruits to continue cleaning out Emerald woods where they had amassed great defenses. After the initial strikes in Silver Beach, counterstrikes were executed and control quickly regained. Harp Lake, being at a population disadvantage wallowed in the mire of occupation. Harp Lake had many difficult battles some lasting days at a time. The war was tough, but the Kingdom of Legacy soon reigned supreme. Once safe from the onslaught of tyranny, focus shifted to the liberation of Laurel Creek’s persecuted souls.
Upon such a cowardly attack of smaller forces, Legacy declared war on the factions in power residing in Emerald Woods and started its first major offensive campaign. Taking almost 2 weeks to gain a foothold at the portal, Legacy slowly began its assault at the entrenched troops. There were no easy battles and loses were astronomical, but victories finally came. A city here and there would fall, and then possession of entire islands and valleys as the troops continued to pour in. Several months of hard fighting passed when a truce was reached. Small sparring battles continued to wage in Emerald Woods at which point Legacy pulled out of the territory. Several weeks passed, which brings us to the here and now, where Legacy Is once again remaining vigilant in the preservation of good, by helping to defend our neighbors and allies in war currently engulfing the territory of Laurel Creek.


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Hydra Alliance, Ifrit Server
It was a cold wind that blew that day. We stood there on the hill overlooking the valley below. Our leader, CarlXII, with a grim look on his face raised the horn he was carrying. With a booming sound, the call was made. Our alliance, now battered and broken, raised our weapons for what would be the last time. With the last of our strength we charged the enemy lines, determined to meet our fates. The enemy horde before us was bloodthirsty and ravenous. Lead by the vile Lord Ahsmanh, this dark army sought to destroy us and conquer these lands. Our alliance Hydra was all that stood in his way. Our numbers had grown thin from the battles, but we would not stop till the end. Closer we drew to them, our swords held high. The gray clouds above and the bitter wind only made this day a fitting one to die on. As we clashed with the enemy troops, the sounds of metal scraping and wood breaking filled the air. The first to draw blood was Bonkers as he rushed into the mass of troops. Always so eager to die that one. Pedro, giving a weary sigh joined him. Shouts from behind me could barely be heard as GorgontheElder was barking orders. He tried to focus our attacks but it was little use, so few of us left to organize. He managed to get the new recruits into formation. I chuckled a bit as I saw Taffy and Emma shaking in fear more from him then the enemy. “Dang, dang, dang.” I hear being shouted loudly. There was a reason we called him that. Kenshin and Nideria have become surrounded by enemy troops. I want to help but I'm trapped myself. Luckily Warlock breaks through and lends them aid. I see Carl ordering backup for them, so Riddik and Ladybar are sent. That should suffice for now. IcyN20 is firing arrows as fast as he possibly can but their numbers never seem to go down. This battle can't go on much longer. “Gorgon, where the heck are our reinforcements?” I shout. He gives me a look that I know is meant for RealmLegion and our support teams. A look I'd rather not ask about, lest I want an ax upside the head. Epona and thrice2 were manning the catapults, raining death from above. I laughed as I watched Heijo swinging his weapon around and just scaring the enemy. A great sound echoes out as Carl blows the horn again. Finally they arrive. Realm has returned with our cavalry in tow. Our entire heavy forces are here. The first to charge is Darkside, with a loud holler as he breaks into the enemy lines. Following him is Rhapsody and Ran, quiet as they are, they do what is needed. The enemy begins to lose momentum as they are getting trampled. LastKnight and SirMorblud bring forth our pikemen, and charge them straight into the enemy. The ground is soaked with the blood of our enemy. Sigoma and Haggscarr pick off any troops trying to flee the battlefield. The horde is in retreat with only a few left fighting. Carl laughs as the battle is in our favor. The joyous sound in cut short though, as an arrow pierces his chest. Carl fell to his death that day. Though we won the battle, the cost was dear. Realm was appointed our new leader after that, and I knew the days of Hydra fighting were long from over.


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Prime alliance story

Hold the Line
The story of Prime is a long and tenuous one riddled with many names that have come and gone and many feats, some remembered and others left by the wayside. Our journey began with a sire by the name of Barnie. As a veteran of many wars in long lost places, he alone had the foresight to not only become immensely powerful but also to surround himself with others that shared his ability to obtain valuable, wondrous items, troops and even places. He designated this group Prime, due to their being of prime importance in all they partook in.
The first true test of Prime took place against an enemy known only as the Red Army. Their sires were cunning, but in time proved no match for the overwhelming Prime. It took many battles but in time, Prime found a rivalry of equal prowess.
As Barnie sent his generals to battle he peered to his right to see Brady. A longtime ally and friend she gladly sent her generals to his aid. Others too prepared for battle. Tamer, a fellow defender, NiteTerror, well known for his ruthlessness in battle, Klepto, a cunning advisory, MissWanda, whose vicious Amazonian like women warriors were legendary, HomeyTheClown, a jester with a passion for battle, Hammerslap, whose tenacity with his long sword knew no limits and Bravehart, leader of the battle crazed berserkers. As the battle commenced, the sounds of swords and screams filled the air until it was palpable.
After days in the field the sires and their generals grew weary. Slowly over time they lost ground to the hordes of invaders. Things began to look grim when, out of nowhere, came an unfamiliar face surrounded by throngs of soldiers. KasSoloMC had not only decided to side with Prime but had brought sires who had sworn allegiance to him. These sires were renowned for their persistence in battle and their prowess with tactics. Sires BOARPIG and nobuko1 charged straight into the fight while Brett81 and Magrias supported the flanks of the armies.
The once weary Barnie and his followers were renewed with vigor as there new found allies arrived. Sending the remaining troops to hold the line, the sires discussed the strategy they would use to regain their land. As sword clashed against shields and spears flew through the air, the battle looked evenly matched. As though an omen, a white light slowly revealed itself from the east. A group of mages that Barnie had hired had finally made their long journey to the battlefield and after taking a hilltop that had an overview of the entire area, proceeded to cast the magic against the enemy with devastating precision and effectiveness. The crackle in the air seems to charge the troops already in battle as they pushed the enemies back to the southwest corner in a land known as Silver Beach. The fighting lasted months, but slowly the throngs of enemies fell on top of one another. The Emerald Woods again belonged to the mighty sires of Prime and they vowed then and there to keep the enemy out of their lands forever.


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Waiting party
In ancient times , when there was a Hispanic GA , epic battles between the foundations of the formidable alliance known today as WARRIORS were forged.

The Leviathan universe was shown as a major challenge for this group who once were enemies and now they are fighting together for greater achievements as the great battle of Johannesburg ( ).

Led by Toribio , A̷̢ļm̢҉a and SIRCALCU , WARRIORS became the most powerful alliance in the universe Leviathan. Fire came the alliance , founded by traitors who fought in vain to bring down the forces of Warriors who stood firm and upright. Over time , in our journey , made us allies ball and there they came Rosacruz guild Warriors fought alongside leading the Kingdom of EMPERORS.

Long battles hanging on the back of these brave cid 's, where even the young Hawnuyu dared accompany AllySky , Carteyano , Merchon , MyMystique , Shendel , Eldon, Otia and a long list of brave heroes in their struggles.Many of those battles were lost and that did nothing but join the group to return to stand up to the enemy and defend the conquered territory with the blood of our troops. The strategy and the good work of this humble guild , were enough to throw the invaders back to their land.

Leviathan , a hostile world where despite the strength of our opponents , even if there has not been anyone who can overthrow WARRIORS.

Very Happy


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A Matter of Time

alliance:Noobs server :Liviathan
Sir Render sat closes to the fire thinking. It had been a long year for him he had held back for so long it was killing him. Greeybeard and Goldenhero came up disrupting his inner thoughts.
"Sir we just came back from town. We talk to Senator Chauser and recieved the supplies from Collette's and it seems we have some company in these parts."
Who is it this time, Sir Render replied, we have been careful to hide our tracks. Don't tell me you came straight back to camp."
Almost before he could complete the sentence a large fire ball came speeding towards the Camp. Rhaposdy came awake and as quick as a cat in the night launched a counter spell stopping the Fireball and sending it back from which it came causing a sudden burst and a scream in the night.
"TO ARMS!" 'Yelled Sir Render.
The Camp which seem quiet came to life as if lit on fire. Greeybeard and Goldenhero broke right speeding to their respective units. From the right flank came the mages from the left archers peppered the air while Calvary ran right behind them with infantry troops following it was a good attack and might have work but as much of a surprise as it was it didn't have the expected results.
"Rhaposdy,deploy the Star Mages make sure the Holy Lights are set like I said."called Sir Render.
The star on Rhapsody head glowed brightly and 33 Star Mages appeared surrounded by 100 Holy Light priest
"Well these fools are about to get a small taste of my power." ,thought Sir Render
There was a almost gentle flash and small pops as nearly all the arrows coming in on the left disappeared and reappeared losing non of their power right back over the archers with another quick spell from the Star Mages the arrows doubled and effectively wiped out all the archers with nary a sweat. The Calvary speeding in found the traps that had been laid out and where effectively slowed just enough for Greeybeards archers to pick them off and then Goldenhero and her partner Chaotikus drove their infantry right into them. It was a pleasure to watch them in action with a speed that belied her stature Goldenhero dispatch 10 cavalry jumping from horse to horse never losing speed before reversing and dispatching 5 more not to be out done Chaotikus dives right in killing men left and right like a small metallic tornado. The infantry never stood a chance.
Sir Render never took a moment to even watch the battle on the right he wasn't never worried there Palid and Danzig with their troops where more than a match for a few Mages.
There where a few losses as with any battle but nothing major The battle didn't last long at all. Who they where it didn't matter and as always they left no survivors to tale any tales. Tales where good but stealth was called for in this war over Leviathan, thought Sir Render. He would win eventually. It was only a matter of time.
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