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15 May 2013
United States
PostedDec 29, 2013 7:24 pm

Shaharazad - Server 3

My Wishlist! Mwahahaha! Santa HAS to read this! >.D
Um hey. This is Shaharazad from Server 3 on Wartune (Aeria servers).

All I want for Christmas is my two fron-- What? I wasn't about to break into song. >.> So hey. I made a wish list. It's kinda sorta long-ish. But heck. It's Christmas. And you guys said list as much as I want, so hey! I did as you said! Don't blame me. >.<
I expect something this Christmas! And certainly not a lump of coal! Something on my list, Aeria! Cuz I've totally been a good girl (with the occasional cursing out of people, but hey! Who hasn't done that to campers in BG?). AND HEY! I know you guys have been choosing a bunch of people who already pay to play, which is TOTALLY unfair. Give some stuff to us who are actually killing our butts off trying to catch up to everyone else! Oh hey, I just realized that Christmas is about love and caring and blah blah blah mushy stuff and I'm criticizing you guys even though I'm asking for stuff from you. >.> EY NOW. You guys did great fixing the stinking bug that affected BG and GA, so good job, Aeria! Plus the compensation was pretty sweet of you guys as well. C: Not to mention the Sky City stuff is pretty cool. ;D I'm not a total meanie, am I? I'm trying to redeem myself in this! D8
Jeez. People are being pretty bland with these wishlists, eh? I thought people would be more creative or start up a conversation with themselves as I'm doing. Everyone knows you're supposed to butter up Santa before asking him for gifts! You never get straight to the point. GAWSH PEOPLE. Learn how to talk to Santa properly. >.> Oh well. Hopefully this increases my chances of getting something this Christmas. ;P

Anywho! Lemme stop rambling on about stuff! I think I've done enough of that, eh? :/ Santa! I want some nice goodies for Christmas! I've been a good level camper but the events haven't been treating me too well! Adding those EXP prizes is no fun. q~q
Here's my wishlist! I hope I get something! Embarassed

LLAMA MOUNTS! Err... I mean Alpaca mounts. >.< The Wild, White, AND Evil Alpacas would be a loverl'y addition to my (lacking in refinement) stable. ;D
Hey, look at the glittery llam- I mean, Alpacas! (Gawsh, I keep saying llama... *facepalm*)
ANYHOW. They're friggin' adowable. I want one (Or all ;D)! (─‿‿─)
Please gimme? I wuv them. They're like, supa' fluffy and stuff. Too cute to resist. I must raise an alpaca army! *cough* Whut? YOU HEARD TOO MUCH! (◑_◑)

NEXT UP! Dat Wildfire Steed. *sniffles* Iz so gawgeous BBY. <3
Which is why it sparkles. ≧✯◡✯≦

NEXT. IS. Hawkstrider. It would look fabulous, and I mean FABULOUS, honey, on my avi. I mean, da purple/pink colors match like there's no tomorrow. Lebel 35 gear FTW with Hawkstrider. <333 And dem Mask things.. err. "Stately" Mask is what it's called. ANYWAY. They match purrfectly togetha'. Gimme gimme gimme. <3 ≥Ö‿Ö≤
Sooooo fapulous. Lolwut? Fabulous. ≥►.◄≤

So to sum up the mounts... I would like:
Wild Alpaca
White Alpaca
(Hey! That's racist! Lolz joking. ٩(•̮̮̃-̃)۶ )
Evil Alpaca
Wildfire Steed

So. I love the clothing items in this game. They look so sophisticated and purdy-da-ful. So I have a bit to ask for.

Blonde Wig
This is my absolutely supa' supa' SUPER favorite head piece in this game. It's so friggin'... OMG. I love et.
Red n' Purple
This outfit is so bad *** and looks great with the whole outfit I'm assembling here~
Vampiric Fury
Adds to the outfit like no other weapon "skin" does.
Phantom Dragon Wings or Bloody Demon Wings
Either of these items completes the looks, though I must say, the Phantom Wings are really hardcore. Totally loving them.

Second outfit ideas! (Thought I was done? ;D)
This one may be pushing the "budget" but I thought it was really pretty and hawt. I couldn't NOT include it. ;P
Blonde Wig
Still absolutely loving it. >.>
Noble's Attire
Really pretty blue colors and purples together. Super pretty! :*
Gothic Edge
Adds to the blue theme
Wings of Plight
Adds to the purple... q~q Though I know you guys are gonna be stingy with these! D:

This one's also pushing it.
Third outfit idea!
Evil Dragon's Breath
I love the hoody. <3
Nightwalker's Attire
I think prostitute when I hear "Nightwalker", how about you? ;P
Evil Dragon's Horn
It glows purdyly
Phantom Dragon Wings
Again, I love these. q~q

This is the "Random Stuff" category.
So. Here's the stuff I'd like!

Guild Contribution x87,000
Lol, that's how much I need to max my skills.
Gold x10,000,000
For astrals.
Or gimme Energize astrals x100 ;D
Mount Training Whip x100-999
As many or as little as Santa would like to give~
Level 5 Matk Gem x5
Cuz that's how many I need. :/
Socketing Rod x10
I like to socket. o3o
1hr VIP Card x5
I don't need any 30 day or whatever, just so I can use up some VIP Tokens, ya know?
Hurricane Steed Card x20
Cuz that's a lot of contribution that I don't have. >.<
Rage Rune
Hey, why not? It's the holidays.
Roses x999 so I can spread the love to my buddies. (>‿◠)✌
Meaning not 999 Roses the item, but 999 individual roses. ;p

















*borrowed Kaixana's ending* Hahaha! I wuv you, bby. ;P

And last but not least.
I'd like to send a fantabular Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to EVERYONE.
I leave you all with these. (っ◕‿◕)っ♥

Jeez, I just realized this looks like a spam post. Durr, well it's not! I swurr. It's not. Dx It's a real wishlist! I just wanted to capture the holiday spirit. q~q


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21 Jul 2013
United States
PostedDec 29, 2013 10:57 pm

Wartune Grant a Wish 2013

Happy Holidays! and have a great new year!!!
Character: OmegaKingler
Server: SERVER 4 !!!!!!

I've been nice this year, just like every year, and i have a list that is short and sweet.
Here it is

My List:

300 mantras
An Apollo seal (purple please)
a 999 rose bouquet (that i can send to a lovely lady)
and 1,200 Level 60 Legendary stones

Been playing wartune since like July and its nice to see the aeria team support the game and the players so much.

Have a good one guys and gals


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06 Dec 2012
tamra Israel
PostedDec 30, 2013 7:57 am
dear wartune...
my character name is ayat server 4
i wish to have:
1- purble sylph
2- vip card
3- frost lion ♥♥
4- some beliens if u can
5- about 1000 crystaloid
6- lvl 5 crystaloid
7- the evil dragon clothes (as u can give of parts)


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01 May 2013
PostedDec 31, 2013 6:31 am

My wishlist

Happy New Year!
Character: JoGreenway
Server: 3

Wish list:
56 mahra
10 crypt keys
Wildfire Steed Card
Purge Rune

And hope my wife will still allow me to play.
(No kidding. Her AOE is truly deadly!)


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14 Jul 2013
United States
PostedDec 31, 2013 12:10 pm

My wishlist

Happy New Years!
Honestly all i want is an Apollo. I missed the opportunity to buy it.

So my wishlist:

Apollo sylph

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Vanir (S1)


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28 Dec 2012
PostedDec 31, 2013 12:13 pm

Wishlist 2013

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!
Hello! My character name is DragonFire from server 1.
This year I'm wishing for:
A frost lynx
A bit of mahra, maybe 50
Blessed angel wings
200 mount training whips
An Apollo if possible
Level 60 Legendary PVE Set :O
If that's too big then level 60 legendary stones would be nice too
Thanks for reading Santa (and Aeria and Wartune)!


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16 May 2013
Askim Sweden
PostedDec 31, 2013 2:16 pm

My late but not too late wishlist

my not to late wishlist
Wish List
Character: Nadia
Server: 3

- 3 months V.I.P and Spirit Covenant
- Wildfire Steed (Missed my chance to buy it at market a few weeks ago because it was some problems getting my balens in, so I got my balens about 15 minutes after "deadline". Wasnt happy at all. Mad
1201x Mount Training Whips (so I can get past that slooooow second lvl stable someday).
- 1x Rename Card (tired of this name now)
- 30x Double Honor Scroll
- Wings (any of the event or special cloth wings, I have none)
- a wealth of Lvl. 70 Legendary Stones
- a wealth of Lvl. 70 crystaloid
- 10.000 Crypt Tokens or 150 Crypt Keys
- a bunch of Mahra
- a new job since I recently found out that I won't have a job left in just one month. Sad
So "late Santa" - please keep me busy while I try get a new job, with V.I.P and Spirit Covenant (more time over to search new job!)


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25 Nov 2010
PostedDec 31, 2013 5:01 pm   Last edited by lovly_prince on Dec 31, 2013 5:51 pm. Edited 1 time in total


Wartune s4
character name : LovlyPrince

wish list:
my first and most wanted wish is Apollo Seal (i hope if it was purple or orange)
- 500k kyanite

- Mounts list that i hope to get any of it
wildfire mount
White Alpaca
Underworld Steed
Frost Lynx
Evil Alpaca
Grizzled Battle Bear
Phantom Yeti
Gentle Beast
Sura's War Elephant

- 3k mount whip
- lvl 50 legend set


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30 Nov 2013
United States
PostedDec 31, 2013 5:43 pm
Server 3

my character is new so I'm hoping for a start
not expecting all of the items Laughing just something to help maybe?? thx Smile
also to help in future which why i ask for sylph and mounts ha thnks!!!
my wishlist as follows...

Apollo Seal (R)
399 Sepulcrum
399 Mahras
9999 Soul Crystals
2000 Mount Whips
999 Crypt Tokens
100,000 Kyanite
100,000,000 Daru
100,000,000 Gold
8 level 7 Patk gem
8 level 7 pdef gem
8 level 7 mdef gem
8 level 7 hp gem
Exotic Star
Vampiric Fury
Fashion Statement
Soulseeker's Attire
Royal Style
Ember Elven Wings
Phantom Dragon Wings
Wildfire Steed
Underworld Steed
Hurricane Steed
Royal Steed
Nether Rhino
Razor Dragon
Ancient Snipe
Phantom Yeti
Sura's War Elephant
Frost Lion
6 Month VIP

...Happy new year!!!!!!!!
and late Christmas to everyone!!!
lol thx ty ty ty thx aeria!
plis make my wish come true!


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01 Mar 2011
PostedJan 01, 2014 7:05 am

grant a **** wish

will you do something about this lag???! buy a **** 486 or something!
don't bother to reply, i don't really care
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