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17 Dec 2013
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PostedDec 26, 2013 4:14 am

Might bug Might not

here what I found...

1. some different name on monster in quest with what should we capture. like parrot and or double leaf/ grass sprout capture

2. a different name on secret stone and the actual skill in effect. eg. Spinning Balisong (light bound spinning balisong secret stone on belt) = Dancing Balisong (skills)

3. on Quest for tiny bunnyhoop and or rare flower... can it be more specific where it? its really hard to find

4. sometimes the Eldoion speech contain zero slash [ like zero in engineering writing to different between zero (0) and letter O (O) ]

5.sometimes the auto potion were not active in range below 21%.

6. there is an error on name availability on character creation. picture below show my primary character name, while create a new char, I input the same name, it pass 2 but not 3, it should have not pass 2

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24 Jul 2008
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PostedDec 26, 2013 11:33 am
as for 3 - it's ok as it is, you have area mentioned, where you might find one, so it's enough, this is for achievement, not quest, so it should not be just point and go.

you will find many of these later, and it's always just find something/someone in some area, since areas are not huge, it's always just "few steps" large, it's not so hard to find anything.
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